Duo Games – Taking The Console and Arcade Experience on The Go

gamer-media2There is no doubt about, mobile devices becoming just as powerful as our home computers and video games systems. Today we have First Person Shooters, Racing Games and other great looking games on our iPads and iPhones. But there is just one issue, playing some of these games with a touch screen can be a little cumbersome. That’s where the Duo Gamer comes in. The portable bluetooth controller lets you control Gameloft games just as if you were sitting in the living room. They sent me one to check out.

With the help of Bluetooth technology, the Duo Gamer syncs up to your iDevice with ease. Once the device is recognized, boot up your favorite Gameloft game and start playing.

photoIf you play home consoles, the controller will look very familiar to you. You’ve got dual analog sticks for controlling your character, as well as a direction pad, and four front facing action buttons. There are also two shoulder pad at the top of the controller. While the Duo Gamer has all the buttons you would need for a game, the controller feels a little blocky in your hands.  While modern controllers are contoured to fit your hand, the Duo Gamer has straighter edges, making is feel a little strange in your hand. The d-pad is also a little small. I am not sure why they made it so small when there is obvious room on the face of the controller that could have been utilized.

I will say it is great to be able to control these games, but I think the disadvantage of the Duo Gamer is the fact that it only works with Gameloft games. While Gameloft has a pretty big game library, it would be even better if the Duo Gamer could be used other titles. With its dual analog sticks and multiple buttons, this controller could have so many other uses. Grand Theft Auto anyone?

If you or someone you know is always playing games on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, the Duo Gamer may make the perfect gift. You can find the Duo Gamer at your local Target, Best Buy or Apple Store, or online at Amazon.com

DVD Extras:

If you’re more of an old school gamer and prefer the loud noises of a pinball machine Duo has got you covered. In addition to its Gamer control pad, game lovers can also pick up the Duo Pinball Game Controller. This add on peripheral for your iPad, turns your tablet into a digital pinball machine.

media-pinball1The Pinball Controller comes with two side buttons to control your flippers, and a sponge loaded plunger for launching your balls; two key features to see in most pinball machines. What is really cool about the Pinball Controller is the fact that is also has bump and tilt detection, to really bring that arcade experience to your lap. While the plunger feels just like the real thing, the side buttons to control the flippers feel weak and cheap. They do not feel exactly like the side of a pinball machine, but they still do what they are designed to do.

The Duo Pinball Controller can also be found at Target, Best Buy, Apple Stores, and online at Amazon.com

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