ChapStick – Limited edition

New Limited Edition ChapStick flavors

New Limited Edition ChapStick flavors

ChapStick is the brand that comes to mind when you have chapped lips right? I mean, we usually say something like, “I really need chapstick” even if we’re not talking about the actual brand name. Well, with these new limited edition ChapSticks, you will want them nearby to heal those chapped lips.


To: You From: Me

At first sight, you will notice that these limited edition ChapSticks come in great packaging, making it easy to use these as gift tags on a package. They’re also great flavors (Cake Batter & Velvet Cupcake) for Valentines Day, or for throwing in someones Easter basket!

I was excited about trying out these flavors. The Cake Batter smelled like rich vanilla, and it reminded me of funfetti cake batter. I think it would help with cravings when you want a cupcake or cookie, as vanilla scents have recently been proven to curb cravings for sweet treats. I’m not sure if the Velvet Cupcake will work the same, but it definitely didn’t make me want cake. It smelled a bit like cherries to me, and not like cake at all. It doesn’t smell bad, just not what I was expecting.

When applying, they both gave instant moisture, but sadly I found it didn’t last long, and I had to reapply. It wasn’t because I licked off a fantastic flavor either, because even though they sound delicious, they’re not as tastey as their names. I guess that’s a good thing though, because otherwise I would be ingesting far too much ChapStick trying to get my cake batter fix! haha

Would I keep using them? Probably not. That is only because I prefer products with more natural ingredients, and especially those that are paraben free. Sadly, these are not, but I am hoping Chapstick will come out with an all natural lip balm soon, and perhaps, make it cupcake scented. In the meantime, I’ll keep smelling these to help stop my dessert cravings!

If you are a ChapStick fan, you will want to stock up on these however…they wont be around for long!!!
ChapStick was kind enough to send us these to try, but you can find them in your local Walmart, Walgreens, & CVS ranging in price from $1.01-$1.99! But hurry because they will only be available from Feb 1st-March 31st 2013!


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