Pick Punch – Punchin’ Picks For Life

I play guitar and bass. In fact, the misses and I first met at one of my shows. Even so, I am sure she doesn’t appreciate it when I leave random guitar picks throughout the house. From the living room, to the bedroom, to even the bathroom, I have left picks (and guitars) throughout the house all the time. Now that I have a Pick Punch, I have even more guitar picks to scatter throughout the house to make the little lady angry.

yhst-56194736215675_2242_3905519The Pick Punch is essentially a glorified hole punch. But instead of punching holes into sheets of paper, it can turn old credit cards, gifts cards, and other items into guitar picks. I used to hate buying guitar picks, so when ever I got a fake credit card in the mail, I would trace an outline of my pick onto the card and cut out new picks. But they never came out the correct shape or size. They would have rough edges, strange points, and never actually felt like a pick. With the Pick Punch, every pick I make feels just like a pick bought from the store.

You can also use the Pick Punch to make picks out of more than just plastic cards. I was able to turn a price tag from a clothing store into an awesome pick. By lining up the label on the tag with the pick punch, I was able to create a pick with a cool logo design on it. If you head on over to Pick Punch’s website, you can also buy special plastics and other materials to create custom picks perfect for shows or giveaways.

The Pick Punch can be found at music stores across the county or online at Pick Punch’s Website. I was lucky to get mine for Christmas and have already made a few picks. I am now considering picking up some the materials from Pick Punch’s website to make some of custom We Used That picks. If you are a musician or have one in the family, this would make an excellent addition to their gig bag, just incase they ever run low on picks.

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