sensationail – gel nails at home

sensationail starter kit in pink chiffon

sensationail starter kit in pink chiffon and french manicure polish in sheer (sold separately, not part of starter kit)

When I first received this kit, that SensatioNail was nice enough to send us, I couldn’t wait to test it out. I decided my birthday was a great time to give myself an at home mani, and this way, I wouldn’t forget the day I painted my nails to test out their 2 week of damage proof nails claim.

You must go through all of the steps to achieve a smooth, and strong gel manicure, and a step by step list is provided for you. There are quite a few, and when you’re used to just rushing through a paint job, it’s a bit different, and may seem more tedious to some. I personally think seeing the magic happen during and after these steps is quite worth it.

Check out all the goods that come inside this starter kit!


The SensatioNail kit comes with an LED lamp, not a UV lamp like many salons use to set your gel polish. LED lamps set the polish faster, and without the UV rays that some are saying can cause skin cancer of the fingers. Who knows if that is true, but I do feel better knowing it’s not UV rays drying my polish (just in case!)
Also inside this kit is a file/buffer, a manicure stick, gel cleanser, lint free cloths, gel primer, color gel polish, and a gel base & top coat. Enough for 10 gel manicures!

You begin by smoothing the nails out with the buffer provided, and push your cuticles back. Follow this with a quick cleanse by using the cloths and gel cleanser, and then you are ready to start painting and curing your nails with the LED lamp. First you use the primer, and let it air dry, then follow that with a thin layer of the base coat, and 30 seconds under the LED, followed by a thin even coat of the gel color, 60 seconds under the LED, and then Top coat and another 30 seconds. Wipe again with gel cleanser, and *bam* shiny, and super strong gel nails that should last you up to 2 weeks! I did one hand at a time, and since I have small hands, I fit my whole hand inside the LED lamp at once, but they recommend doing your thumbs 1st, followed by the rest of your fingers.


Pink Chiffon. It actually looked like the color on the box!

Now…did it actually last 2 weeks? For me, it ALMOST did. I made it a week and a half before 1 nail started to peel and chip off at the tip. Another started a few days later, but the rest held strong! I kept them on for a total of 2 and a half weeks before I decided I really needed to take it off. Its best to let your nails breathe, so bacteria doesn’t start to grow, plus, the polish had been on so long, that new nail growth was starting to show. Not cute. But overall, I was very impressed with the staying power of this Gel polish. I washed plenty of dishes, did house work, cooked, etc…and nothing made it chip, even my bad habit of picking at my nails and pushing back my cuticles didn’t wreck this mani!

As for the removal process…it was NOT fun. I wish I had the SensatioNail gel polish removal kit & their new gel polish remover (98% acetone) when it came time to do so! I soaked each nail in nail polish remover for a few minutes, and then slowly began scraping the polish off. This process took quite awhile, and my nails looked horrible when I was finished. After a lot of buffing, and moisturizing, followed by cuticle oil, my nails finally looked decent again. Of course, I decide to google tips on removal after the fact, and many state to use a high acetone remover, soak cotton balls in it, place on top of your nail, and wrap in foil. Let it sit for about 15mins, and then scrape off. I will definitely try this next time, and hope for the best! AND for another tip, to help prevent any drying around your nails while doing so, put vaseline around the nail to protect it from the polish remover.

Overall, I was very impressed with the polish itself. It was super shiny and smooth, and lasted such a long time! I for one am not into painting my nails very often (ha! with the amount of polishes I own you wouldn’t think that was the case) because they chip so easily, and it drives me crazy. If you like changing your polish with your mood, your outfit, or even with the day, I definitely wouldn’t recommend this, but if you want it to last through just about anything, and not have to worry about touch ups for 2 weeks, then this is the stuff for you! I was so excited about it, that I went out and bought another Gel Polish color. Scarlet Red. I will be looking for Island Oasis next, because I love aqua nails!

SensationNail Starter Kit – $49.99

You can purchase in a store near you, such as walmart, walgreens, or CVS, or online at Target, Boots, or

Have you tried this, or any other at home gel polish kit? If so, leave us a comment and let us know what you thought of it!


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