Victoria’s Secret Makeup – Will it transform you into a supermodel?

Precision Line eyeliner in pitch black, Epic Lash mascara, & Glossy Tint lip sheen in knockout red

Precision Line eyeliner in pitch black, Epic Lash mascara, & Glossy Tint lip sheen in knockout red

I decided it was time to test out some of Victoria’s Secrets Makeup line. Every time I order from VS, I check out their beauty products, but besides their lipgloss, I have never really given their makeup a try. Seeing how good their models always look, you would hope the makeup line would make you feel/look model worthy! Or, so I’d like to think.

I was most excited to try the mascara. I have a few all time faves, and wanted to see how this one compares.

DSC08541The Epic Lash mascara had an Epic brush. It’s quite large, and poofy. It was definitely best to look down while putting this on, as not to get any on your eyelids. It did well in lifting and adding volume to my lashes. It went on thick, and though I would have liked this brush to be a bit smaller to separate my lashes a bit more, it did a good job in coating them from root to tip in just one coat. I did however put on a 2nd, as I always do, because I like my lashes to be more dramatic. If that look is not for you, then 1 coat should be enough. (You can see my finished look at the bottom of this review, and see if you like the way it makes my lashes look)

The Precision Line eyeliner was much like your basic black eyeliner, at least, your higher quality ones. It went on smooth, and stayed pretty well on the waterline. It also smudged well, which can be good and bad. It was good when I wanted to blend it with my brush into my eyeshadow, but not so good when you rub your eye and it rubs across your face. It is not waterproof, and does not state that it is, so I expected nothing less than for it to be able to be rubbed off. I hope they make this in a waterproof version in the future however, because I prefer my eye makeup that way. Mascaras, and Liners alike. Speaking of, the Epic Lash was also not waterproof. So lets just say, it was definitely a “you better not cry, or get stuck in the rain” kind of day.

Last but certainly not least, I finished my makeup look for the day with the Glossy Tint Lip Sheen. It looks much like a chubby lip liner, but it goes on as smooth as a gloss. I was surprised by this, and really like that it was making my lips softer instead of drying them out like some lipsticks do. The color pay off wasn’t as much as I had hoped for, but it does say its a tint, so I suppose it was pretty bright with that in mind. As far as how long it lasts, it was just so-so. It is not a stain, so the staying power wasn’t amazing, but its easy to reapply. The 2nd time I used this lip sheen, I used a red lip liner 1st, which prevented this from bleeding, and also made the color last a bit longer.

Overall I definitely recommend the VS makeup line. It may not lead to any runway shows in my future, but it made me feel pretty good.


Finished makeup look using all 3 products.
(photo enhanced to produce more true to life color of the makeup)

Purchased at Victorias Secret







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