Fave Juices – Not Your Grandmother’s Vegetable Juice

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when I can I like to have a glass of juice to go along with my cereal, eggs, or whatever I may be eating. So when the people at Fave sent me some of their latest juices to try out, I couldn’t say no.

photo 1Fave comes in three amazing flavors: Strawberry-Banana-Kiwi, Pomegranate-Blueberry-Goji, and Orange-Tangerine-Pineapple. In each glass you get 100% fruit and vegetable goodness and three full servings of vegetables. Unlike other fruit and vegetable juices, these ones have distinct flavors. The Orange-Tangerine-Pineapple was my absolute FAVEorite. (get it?) Growing up, I typically avoided combination fruit and vegetable drinks like these, because to me they just tasted like tomatoes to me. Not being a tomato juice fan, I kept a safe distance from fruit and vegetable drinks. But Fave isn’t like that. When drinking you have no idea what you are also drinking things like cucumber, carrot and beet juices.

Fave drinks are 100% All Natural. There are no dyes and no preservatives. That makes this drink good for anyone in the family, especially kids. If parents are looking for a healthy drink to give their kinds instead of sodas or sugary drinks, give Fave a try. You can find Fave juice as select stores nationwide. If you you can’t find Fave in your area, Fave is asking fans to print out this letter and drop it off at their favorite store.

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