Kingston Solid State Drives – Solid Performance

I’ve always wanted a Solid State Drive for my PC computer, but the prices and actualsize of SSD’s never made much sense to me. Why pay more than $100 for only 64 gigs of space. For the same price, if not less I can get a 2TB Hard Disk Drive. But then Kingston came along with their affordable line of SSDNow Drives. Available in a Upgrade Kit, Kingston sent me a SSDNow V 300 just in time for me to avoid a PC meltdown.

no boot

My current PC was beginning to kick the bucket. At first I thought it had a nasty virus. It was getting so bad, I couldn’t even get the machine to boot to Windows. So I bit the bullet, backed up my data and re-installed the operating system. After a 2 day process, and a fresh OS, the computer still wouldn’t boot. Having to face reality, I knew the computer’s Hard Drive was on its way out. But, thanks to Kingston, I was able to easily upgrade my machine to a Solid State Drive. And it only took me about an hour.

outta the boxThe process was quick and painless. I opened up my computer, inserted the new SSD while keeping my old HDD installed, then rebooted the computer. With the included Software CD, I was able to transfer over the information from my old Hard Drive (including my OS) to my New Solid State Drive with ease. If you are not a computer person have no fear. You can still perform this upgrade. Kingston  includes an installation DVD that walks you through, step by step, on how to perform the upgrade.

After my data was sent over to my new Solid State Drive, I opened up the computer again, removed the old HDD and booted up my machine. Immediately I saw a  difference. Before the upgrade I couldn’t get to my OS at all. Now, I can hit the power button and be working in about 30 seconds. It’s amazing how fast these Solid State Drives can load. Now I am tempted to get one for my macbook, just to see how much I can improve performance and battery life.

If you want a Solid State Drive for your desktop or laptop computer you can pick one up at many big box electronic stores as well as various online websites or directly from Kingston by visiting their website.

DVD Extras:

This past week was this year’s CES in Las Vegas. While we weren’t able to attend and see first hand some of the new products we can expect from our favorite companies this year, I have been updated on some of Kingston’s latest Flash Drives. Their New Line of DataTraveler Flash Drives are USB 3.0 compatible and will have storage up to 1TB. That is a lot of data. I am hoping to check these out soon, so be sure to come back for a potential review on those.

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