Alo Exposed…


Alo Exposed Original + Honey.

I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the taste of this Aloe drink so much. Its sweet, from the honey and cane sugar, and not at all sour like other aloe drinks I have tried in the past.
It’s loaded with pulp, which I admit I had to get used too, as I am usually not a pulp fan, but these bits were sweet and juicy like eating pieces of an orange…
I definitely recommend trying out the alo exposed drinks. They come in a variety of flavors, including Pomegranate & Cranberry, and Mangosteen & Mango.

*Drinking Aloe Vera juice is great for your digestive system!

*Natural Aloe Vera Juice & Pulp deliver essential amino acids, vitamins, & minerals to your body to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Real aloe vera juice made straight from the leaf, never from powder.
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
  • Alo also has a COCO exposed line, with what else but…coconut water!
  • You can buy Alo drinks at Whole Foods, select Rite aids, online at Amazon, or where I purchased mine…at vitacost!

Check out more about ALO!


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