The 80’s are back, and it brought back the Fanny Pack

We all know fashion comes back back around in waves. Girls like their high waisted pants, and guys are back to wearing those big bright colored sunglasses. Along with some of the other great fashion trends of the past, Fanny Packs are making a comeback thanks to

Late last year, the misses and I took a trip up to what’s called ‘The World’s Largest Garage Sale.‘ I made it my mission to find a sweet fanny pack, but after walking miles in the cold and rain, I went home empty handed. Not long after that, I  stumbled onto Fanny Pack Attack’s website. There I was able to choose from several different styles of throwback fanny packs.

fanny 2

While the site right now only has a handful of styles to choose from, I still had a hard time deciding which fanny pack to go with. Do I choose one with the most amount of pockets, the one with the brightest colors, or one with built in speakers? Being a huge tech fan and never leaving the house without my iPod, I had to go with the pack with speakers. The misses chose the one completely covered in sequins. Fanny Pack Attack hooked us up for this review.

60906_10151305814824513_1411358001_nOur fanny packs came just in time for an 80’s themed Christmas party we decided to have at our place. After picking up some nice acid wash jeans and the brightest ski jacket I could find, my fanny pack was the perfect finishing touch to my look. I think the sweet 80’s mustache I spent weeks on growing out also helped a bit to, but let’s keep that our little secret. If you wanna add some 80’s flare to your style you can get your fanny pack on by heading over to Fanny Pack Attack’s website. Depending on what style you get, prices range from $20 to $50 for the style with the speakers.

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