Afrin Nasal Spray – You May Like It

Stuffed up? Can’t Breathe? Other medications not working for you? You may want to try Afrin Nasal Spray. Unless you are me that is. After a bad experience with another nasal spray medication, I avoided them for years. When I was able to get my hands on some Afrin, I thought I’d give the treatment one last try. It didn’t go so well. Whether what happened next was a coincidence or somewhat connected, I can say I will  be staying away from nasal sprays.

photo 1

After dealing with a slight head cold, and constant nasal pain, I thought it was time to turn to Afrin. Luckily I had some sent to me through I used the recommended dose and went to bed. The next day, my symptoms were even worse. I now had terrible throat pain. After a day of suffering and not being able to swallow without pain I went to the doctors, and was given some new meds.

While being treated, I asked my Doctor to give me her opinion about nasal sprays. She told me she does not recommend people use them. She says the sprays could make conditions worse, dry out your nasal passages, or cause further irritation. And I can agree with that one.

My previous bad experience with nasal spray had me in more pain than I had before I used it. I was suffering from an incredibly stuffy nose. When I tried using another brand of nasal spray to ease my symptoms, things actually got worse. The spray created more

pressure, making my head hurt even more. It was not a good day. After that, I avoided using nasal sprays for years. After my latest nasal spray experience, I think I will be avoiding them forever.

If you’ve used nasal sprays before and found them to be effective for you, then you may want to try Afrin Spray. I cannot say whether the spray caused my symptoms to get worse, but I can say I do not thing I will be using them again.



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