Raw Honey – tasty health benefits

We recently had the chance to try honey from a few different companies. All were Raw or Cold Processed. The taste is, in some ways, incomparable to that of the regular, store bought honey you may be used to. Raw and Cold Processed honeys are higher in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Fall & Spring

Fall & Spring

Catskill provisions raw honey, is one of the companies we were able to test. Their motto? “Happy Bees Make Better Honey”, and I think I agree. They select bees that only produce a variety of wildflower honeys. Produced in the Catskills in NY state, where they are surrounded by vast plant life, and great water sources. Where clean, beautiful land is provided, bees will make even more flavorful honey.

Fall/Dark (left), Spring/Light (right)

Fall/Dark (left), Spring/Light (right)

You can purchase catskill provisions honey in spring/light and fall/dark. We found that the Fall was richer in flavor, and was also thick and crystallized. Where the Spring was definitely lighter, in not only color, but in flavor, and smooth. I found it to be less sweet, but with a more floral flavor. Both were delicious in tea, and by the spoonful alone. I love Raw, Crystallized honey, and this fall/dark was amazing. Happy Bees Make Delicious Honey.

Our next honey was from the Living Honey Store. They even send you a free sample if you would like to try before you buy! They provide 100% cold extracted honey. It is never heated or filtered. When heated, pasteurized/filtered, honey is stripped of pollens, enzymes, & nutrients. This makes it no better for you than corn syrup. Raw honey is antimicrobial, and has a naturally long shelf life. Overall, it is better for you, and full of flavor you never realized was missing from over processed versions. 


Samples sent from livinghoney.biz, where no 2 batches will be the same, and at different times in the year, will produce a variety of flavors.

Living Honey sent us 2 light versions, and a crystallized version of their honey. All with a delicate floral taste, and again, I favored the crystallized version. I like the texture, and sweetness in comparison.

Last, but certainly not least, we tried Wee Bee Honey naturally raw. They are family owned, and operated since 1892. They are committed to producing organic/all natural honey. Their bees forage only on wildflowers from plants, grasses and trees, far from any contamination. They do not use any pesticides on their farm, and never heat, filter or strain their honey. This maintains the health benefits, and makes Wee Bee taste & look different than other honeys.


Wee Bee is produced in both NY and Florida, depending on the time of year. It contains pollen, propolis, & crushed honeycomb, which makes this honey different than the others. It has a unique texture. Creamy, with a few small pieces of honeycomb. Its sweet, without much of a floral taste. I tested the health benefits they claim with such a pure product, by taking a tbsp a day (ok, sometimes twice a day) when I was getting sick last week. I am convinced it got rid of my sore throat faster than normal, and it helped to prevent my cold from getting worse. While Dave got worse, and had to go on antibiotics, I continued to fight it off. I may have to buy stock in this honey! 

you can see the honeycomb and propolis in this wee bee honey!

you can see the honeycomb and propolis in this wee bee honey!

All of the honeys that were sent to us, and that we tried were delicious, and definitely nutritious, but I did prefer some over others. I am a big fan of the Wee Bee Honey, and I think it is my overall favorite. The flavor, texture, and nutritional benefits, as well as the fact that its organic, make me love this one. A close 2nd was the Catskill Provisions Fall/Dark. I really liked the flavor. It was sweet, with a richer flavor than the light honeys, but not too florally.

If you would like to purchase any of these honeys, just click the links below!

Catskill Provisions – Fall/Dark & Spring/Light Honey Duo as seen above, 140z : $25

Living Honey – Alpine Liquid starting at $7.99 for 1/2 pint.
Free sample here! (note: you may only receive 1 sample, we received more for testing purposes only)

Wee Bee Honey – You  can buy it in bulk from their website, or at Vitacost for only $9.49/lb

EXTRA EXTRA!!! Fun Facts!

*Honey stored in sealed containers can remain stable for decades and even centuries. Interestingly, honey discovered in clay pots in the tombs of the Pharaohs was found to still be stable. (awesome!)

*Studies revealed that eating 2 – 4 Tbs. of honey daily can raise antioxidant levels in your bloodstream by almost 10%. How does this help your health? “The antioxidants stop cholesterol from sticking to blood vessel walls, and that’s essential for preventing the buildup of artery-clogging plaque.”

*Other research shows the antioxidants may help your liver flush up to 84 percent of artery-clogging fats out of your system, enough to slash your heart attack and stroke risk by 20%. (better eat it daily!!!)

*Doctors have used raw honey to treat seasonal allergies since it contains the pollen that causes 90% of the allergies in the first place. By eating a teaspoon daily the patient builds up an immunity. (Is that why I don’t get bad seasonal allergies?)

*In one study 87% of patients with honey coated burns healed completely within two weeks, compared to just 10% of those treated with a standard Rx, silver sulfadiazine. Follow up research showed the honey destroyed 100% of the bacteria that cause infections.

*Honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts and retains moisture. It is also an anti-irritant, making it suitable for sensitive-skin and baby products. Honey has no additives or preservatives one of the few products that can be packed and sold straight from nature. It requires no processing or refining. Honey can be used as a facial moisturizer, body scrub, hair conditioner or just add it to your bath water.

*Dextromethorphan is a common over-the-counter medication for children’s cough, despite evidence that it works no better than placebo. By contrast, honey is considered safe for children over the age of one and is recommended for persistent cough by the World Health Organization.
A recent study put these cough remedies to the test. Subjects aged 2 to 18 with upper respiratory tract infections were assigned to take honey, dextromethorphan, or placebo. Researchers report that honey led to significantly greater improvements than dextromethorphan or placebo, including reduced frequency and severity of cough and promoted better sleep quality.


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