Kingston Wi-Drive – Your Files, Wirelessly

Do you have more music and movies than your phone or tablet can hold? There is a way you can keep all your music with you, and share it with family and friends thanks to the Kingston Wi-Drive.

Kingston sent me This nifty portable flash drive that transmits a wireless signal that can be picked up by Apple, Android, and Kindle devices to stream music, movies and pictures directly to your portable devices. With its easy to access wireless connection, the Wi-Drive can be used by up to three devices at the same time.

Instead of taking space up on your personal device, the Wi-Drive allows you to quickly upload the files you want and stream them to your devices. With the ability to stream different files at the sam

e time, The Wi-Drive would  be perfect for families. Getting ready for a road trip or vacation? Before packing up the car, pack your Wi-Drive with music and movies the entire family will enjoy. This way, two hours into your trip, the kids are not asking “are we there yet?” because they are too busy watching movies on their iOS or Android powered devices.

The Wi-Drive, isn’t just for tablets and phones. You can also access the wireless harddrive through your computer. Simply connect your laptop or desktop to the Wi-Drive’s network, type in your wi-drive’s IP address into an internet browser and you have instant access to your files. I was able to steam a music video to my macbook and watch it full screen, while streaming a one gig HD video to my iPhone 5.

When it comes to what files can be shared on the Wi-Drive, I had no problems with pictures and mp3 files. But when it comes to videos, be sure to check your files to see what works. I was able to play .mov and .mp4 files perfectly fine, but I was not able to steam an .avi to my iPhone. I would just say if you plan on sharing your files with others double check and make sure they work. While I like the slim line design of the Wi-Drive, I think even doubling the thickness of it to add more space for batteries would be a great idea. The Wi-Drive will last you a couple hours. Enough for at least one movie. If you plan on taking a trip, be sure to bring the charger.

While I like the functionality of the Wi-Drive, I feel like there are two different directions Kingston could take it even further. They could team up with wireless carriers to make a mobile hotspot that incorporates cellular access to give users internet wherever they are while having a portable drive for files. Or, Kingston could allow the Wi-Drive to connect to your current in home wireless network, turning it into a shared drive, allowing users to stay connected to the world wide web while accessing their files from the Wi-Drive.

Wi-Drives come in three different sizes 16GB,  32GB or 64GB. They can be purchased from various online retailers or directly through Kington’s website. If you have a gadget fan in your family, this would make an excellent gift for the holidays.

DVD Extras:
Kingston products were featured in a We Used That television segment showcasing Father’s Day gifts for Dad.


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