Silver Linings Playbook – Should Bring Home Some Gold

If you’re looking for a movie that does not feature sparkling vampires, bad acting, and totally ruins the vampire mythology this holiday, check out “Silver Linings Playbook.” Based on the book with the same name, this star studded Dramedy shows the pain and struggles a family of a manic-depressant can go through.

“Silver Lingings Playbook” follows Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper) after an eight month stay at a state institution. The former high school teacher was institutionalized after nearly beating a man to death after catching him with his wife. Now back home with his parents, and trying to find a silver lining to everything, Pat is getting his life back together in an attempt to rekindle his marriage.

But along the way, Pat meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence). She promises to help him get back in touch with his wife. But Tiffany, whose husband died, also has had a rocky past including a laundry list of medications. Throughout the film we witness Pat and Tiffany as their strange, rocky relationship continues to develop.

The time Cooper and Lawrence spend on camera together is magnificent. From their first on-cam meeting to their final appearance together, the chemistry between the two is amazing. They bring a genuine emotion to their characters that has you pushing for them to be happy the entire time. It’s also nice to see Lawrence in a movie where she is not running around in the woods with a bow and arrow. I’d hate for that to be her only gig, because this movie shows she can act. Cooper and Lawrence are not alone in this film. Supporting cast Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver and Chris Tucker bring even more to the screen. The interactions between Pat and his parents (De Niro and Weaver) show how an entire family can struggle with a single person’s condition. Tucker on the other hand, while on screen for just a few minutes, brings some comedic relief.

Helping bring even more emotion to the screen, the camera work. This is most noticeable when Pat has one of his episodes. The quick cuts and fast moving camera helps you feel that rush of panic as Pat throws and screams through this panic attacks.

While “Silver Linings Playbook” may not take number one at the box office, I think it will get the recognition it deserves. Do not be surprised to hear “Silver Linings Playbook” after the announcer says “and the nominees are…” The film has already taken home awards at several film festivals.

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