It’s UNREAL… Battle of The Sexes


She Says:

UNREAL Candy is just that…unreal. It’s different then just about every other candy out there, especially those popular brands, that these may look very similar too. They’re what they refer to as, unjunked. The makers of the company,  set out to make a candy that was free of all the chemicals, and harmful ingredients we ingest every time we reach for that sweet, delicious snack. We never consider the chemicals it takes to get those bright colored candy shells on those M&Ms, or what it takes to keep those peanut butter cups fresh on store shelves.  It takes more chemicals, and more sugar to cover up the taste of all that junk. These UNREAL candies have a very similar taste to the favorite candies we grew up on, and leave you completely satisfied. They also make you feel pretty good. Just knowing you’re eating a healthier version, with less fat and calories, and without unneeded ingredients just makes chowing down that much sweeter.

UNREAL54 candy coated shells are colored with beetroot juice, turmeric root extract, & purple cabbage juice.

UNREAL54 is made without Corn Syrup, Partially Hydrogenated Oils, Artificial Ingredients, GMOs, Preservatives, and they have a Low Glycemic Index.

UNREAL candy is priced to be affordable, unlike many natural candy companies that charge high prices for their “gourmet” chocolates. They may not be quite as inexpensive as the well known brands, but if they become as popular, I think the prices may lower a little. For a healthier version of your favorite candies however, it is definitely worth the few cents more.


He Says:

Unreal77  is made the same way: with natural ingredients, and no junk. They taste much the same as those other peanut butter cups you may crave, and can definitely satisfy that peanut butter-chocolate craving. I am a huge Reese’s Peanut Buttercup fan, so when I saw these in the store, I knew I had to get them. Of course, Sheri had to steal a bite. We both found them to be quite delicious!

UNREAL77 Peanut Butter Cup

When I was eating my Unreal Peanut Butter Cup, I could not help but to compare it to the all so popular Reese’s brand. Since Unreal uses all natural ingredients, its “naturally” going to have a different taste. To me, the peanut butter has a smooth creamy taste, but it was not as sweet as other peanut butter cups. The chocolate to me was also not as sweet, and had a sort of coffee taste to it.  I do not mean that in a bad way at all. I think, like many things, after you become so used to having a certain food a certain way, anything different seems a little strange at first. By the second peanut butter cup, I was hooked. There was only one issue. There are only two peanut butter cups per package.

I also like how on the bottom of each peanut butter cup, is Unreal’s logo… But I think the company now owes me some chocolate!

UNREAL Candy can be purchased at nearly 30,000 stores nationwide; including Staples, BJ’s, Michaels, CVS, and Target. The snacks will cost you about $1.20 per package.


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