Snapchat – Now for Android

There is a new photo sharing app that is sweeping app stores nationwide. It’s called Snapchat. Unlike posting pictures to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; once they are seen by the intended recipient, they are gone. Snapchat is a free downloadable app for iOS and Android devices that takes your snapshot, then allows you to send it to your friends.

The built-in timer, allows you to set how long the person you are sending your picture to can see your image. The app will not even allow you to save the picture to your phone, or pull a photo from your photo library, so when the picture has been sent and seen, it is gone for good. The fact that once you’ve seen the picture, it is gone for good adds a nice fun element to it all. It’s almost like you need to make every moment count. Because once it’s gone… It’s gone.word

But there are some warnings about this new fad. Some believe it is helping teens and others use the app as a way to send explicit messages. By putting a timer on their photos, some believe they can send potentially scandalous pictures, without the risk of having them spread all over the internet. While the app does not have a save image feature, there is always the trusty screenshot shortcut on phones. However, according to Snapchat’s website, users are notified if a screenshot was taken.

So parents, while this app was designed to be a fun way to share pictures with family and friends, this social network has a dark side. You should talk to your kids to see if they are using it, and see who they have been sending messages to.

I will say Snapchat is a fun way to send pictures and messages, but I’d like to see where Snapchat goes next. I don’t think the app will last and the fun factor will slowly fade, unless the company can come up with ways to expand its concept. Maybe video?


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