JT Splatmaster Paintball Guns – Marketed for Younger Players, But Still Pack a Punch

It seems like it’s a right of passage for many kids. Begging their parents for some sort of gun, whether its a paintball gun, BB gun, or even a squirt gun. For me, I wasn’t allowed any guns growing up. It took my brother and I years of begging before we were finally allowed to get Super Soakers. After that, our mother opened up and we eventually got paintball guns.

Today, I got to relive the moment I got my first paintball gun, thanks to JT Splatmaster. The company makes paintball guns specifically for younger players. Currently JT Splatmaster has two paintball guns, a pistol and a shotgun. They sent me the shotgun to try out. The gun has a solid build and feels like it is built with some quality and will not fall apart on you. The gun is capable of holding about 15 paintballs at a time. Unfortunately, the paintballs are not the same size as those used in traditional guns, so parents will have to order them online or find a store that carries them.

These pump action guns can fire a paintball up to 100 feet. Of the test shots I took, I found the guns really lose their accuracy the farther you get from your target. I was firing at a large dumpster, and noticed my paintballs were going in all directions at about 20 – 30 feet away. But when I hit my mark, the water soluble paintballs exploded into a nice burst of colors. Since the paintballs are bio-degradable and water soluble, the paint easily wash away and easily, even when it comes to cleaning your clothes.

While these guns are marketed for kids 9 and up, they still pack a punch. Sheri loved helping me test this product. Why? Because she got to shoot me. And let me tell you these paintable still hurt. The videos on JT Splatmaster’s website show kids playing with just t-shirts on. So we went outside. I put on a shirt, took about 20 steps away from her, and let her fire away. Even at that distance, the paintballs, still hurt.

I will have to hand it to JT Splatmaster. Their site and online videos reiterate the importance of safety. From the proper firing distance, to the importance of goggles, TJ Splatmaster makes sure younger players are not only having fun, but they are being sage. These guns make an excellent beginner gun for kids, but I strongly suggest parents keep a watchful eye on their young players. While the videos online show kids playing in t-shirts, I would suggest parents bundle their kids up in sweaters and thicker clothes, because right now, I am still sporting welts.

DVD Extras:

If you are thinking about picking up a TJ Splatmaster for your younger marksman, now is the time to order. Starting Monday, October 29th 2012 for a limited time and while supplies run out, TJ Splatmaster is offering a free pack of paintballs when you buy either paintball gun from their website. So get out there and have some fun!


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