I can see your HALO

How many pet foods out there are actually healthy for our dogs or cats to eat on a daily basis? Not many. If you take a look at what most contain in their ingredients list, you would be shocked! But there are healthy choices out there. Take Halo for instance. It’s all natural, without any harmful ingredients such as meal, BHA, BHT, MSG, or propylene glycol (used in anti-freeze and in brake fluid, but used as a preservative in pet food). If you wouldn’t want to ingest these harmful products, then why should your pet? You can help keep your pets healthier, longer, by feeding them Halo dog food, and they definitely will enjoy it.

Halo sent us the Halo Adult Formula, in Spot’s Stew Wholesome Chicken Recipe (as seen above), which we tested on a 7yr old Lab, and a 13yr old Rott/Beagle mix (let’s just call her a Rotteagle). As they anxiously, but excitedly, awaited their bowls to be filled, you could tell already that the smell of the food was something they liked. They couldn’t wait to dig in. It even looks better than the chemical filled products out on the market today, and although they probably aren’t critiquing what it looks like, they sure did love the taste! Their bowls didn’t stay full long. It is definitely a winner winner chicken dinner for them!
Since the bag we tested was only the 4lb size, and the Labrador was 120lbs, the recommended daily serving size would have had him eating the whole bag throughout the day.  Sadly for him, he had to share.

Their Halo Dry foods come in a variety of flavors your dog may love. Grain Free hearty surf n turf, Small Breed- Turkey, Duck & Pheasant, or Wholesome Chicken, Original- Wholesome chicken (as tested), Wild Salmon, or Wholesome Lamb, Puppy- Wholesome Chicken, Or Wild Salmon, & Vegan Garden Medley

Prices range from $11.99 for the 3lb bags of Puppy food, to $59.99 for their 28lb bags of Original Stew flavors.
You can find coupons to save on Halo products HERE!

Fun Facts:

Ellen Degeneres is co-owner of Halo!

They have started a Halo Pet Foundation to help our pets live better lives, and to educate people on how to do that. You can donate HERE!

Halo is the only brand recognized by the national canine cancer foundation!

Halo is also available in canned food varietiestreats, supplements, & grooming supplies.

Help support a company that does great things for the animals we love, and the ones we call our best friends. They deserve it.


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