Progresso Lights up my life…

Progresso Light soups are always delicious, and now they have 2 new flavors out, that are now my personal faves from the Light collection. Who knew lower calories and fat could taste so good? I guess Weight Watchers did, because they have their point system on each can. All of the Progresso Light soups are either 1 or 2 points depending on the flavor you choose. These new flavors that I tried were both a 2. I personally do not use Weight Watchers points, but this is great for those that are. You can eat A LOT of these soups, and still lose weight! SCORE!

I honestly couldn’t believe that a creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup could only be 100 calories a serving! Ok, maybe I could believe it, but to have it taste good and be 100 calories is a whole other story. I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted it, and found out it wasn’t short on flavor. It was creamy, and had a good amount of potatoes. It is definitely not as thick and cheesy as the full fat versions, but I didn’t find myself missing that part of it at all. I fulfilled my craving for a creamy potato soup, and I will be sure to always have some of these Light soups in my pantry.

Light Creamy Potato with Bacon & Cheese soup

The other new flavor was the Chicken Pot Pie Style. It was also packed full of flavor, and only 100 calories per serving! It had a bit of homemade taste, that I didn’t expect from a canned pot pie flavor soup. I loved the slight creaminess and big chunks of chicken & veggies. It made me want homemade biscuits to go with it! Which, now you can have, because you’re saving so many calories! Definite win on these Light soups from Progresso, and we thank them for sending us these to try out!

Chicken Pot Pie Style

Bonus facts:

The Chicken Pot Pie Style has 5g of Dietary Fiber, and the Creamy Potato with Bacon & Cheese has 6g of Dietary Fiber.

They both have 29% of your DV of sodium, so take note of that if you’re watching your salt intake.

You can now get a$1 off coupon on their Light soups HERE!

Be sure to check out Walmart for some of the best prices on Progresso Light soups, as well as your local supermarket for great deals on these new flavors!

Progresso Light goodies!


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