tattoos…for your toilet?!

toilet tattoo

The only way to crown your throne? Well, that is what toilet tattoos claim, and I may have to agree. At least, in comparison to using those old fuzzy, and not to mention germ filled covers that everyone used to use back in the day, or replacing your toilet seat with an expensive decorative version. These toilet tattoos are far more fun. Plus it is a easy, and inexpensive way to add a bit of fun to your bathroom decor that you can change again, and again.

They are made from electrostatic vinyl film, and are not only easy to clean, but easily removable, and reusable too! These toilet tattoos are also very easy to apply, and in seconds you have a fun new look on that boring white toilet seat.

This is how they recommend you apply:
1. Peel, 2. Place, 3. Smooth.
Clean toilet lid, peel Toilet Tattoo® from backer card and smooth onto lid using a soft cloth to flatten out any air bubbles. The amount of lid showing around the Toilet Tattoo will vary depending on the size of your toilet lid. If any adhering problems occur, remove Toilet Tattoo® and spray the clean toilet lid with water or run the entire Toilet Tattoo® under water, reapply while still wet and smooth onto lid, again using a soft, dry cloth. This method is preferable for some plastic lids.

I didn’t use a cloth, just my hand…and it went on in literally 3 seconds, and looked near perfect. I think it will definitely depend on what your toilet seat is made of on whether it goes on as smoothly or not. They are not recommended for vinyl or wooden seats. It is also not recommended to use harsh, abrasive cleaners to clean your tattoo/seat. I supposed this is common sense,  since you don’t want to scratch the design or make it melt away with some crazy chemicals.

They come in a wide variety of colors and designs, such as Zebra (which is what I chose to have sent), seasonal, humorous, kids, and even custom themes, as well as many more. You can also choose from elongated (12″ x 15″) and round shape (12″ x 13.5″) to fit your toilet seat just right! I think my dad would love this deer one! Perhaps you’ll be purchasing these as gifts this holiday season.

Prices range from $9.95 – $24.95 for custom designs.

See below to check out the difference a fun toilet tattoo can make! I kind of wish they made them for the top of the tank as well. Perhaps they will soon.

Before & After


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