Cuisipro paper towel holder with wheels

We were recently sent, The Cuisipro paper towel holder with wheels, which sounds like such a great invention. A standing paper towel holder that spins while you pull, so you can easily grab paper towels one handed.  I couldn’t wait to try this in our new place, and knew it would be getting a lot of use with all the clean up (and of course, cooking!) that would be going on.

I was happy to see that the roll of paper towels slides on easily over the top handle, with no unscrewing or fussing. It also stays firmly in place, because of the rubber ring (or as they refer to it as: the flexible fin) that grips the inside of the tube. The curved base helps prevent the towels from unraveling, and the non slip wheels also grip your counter top nicely to prevent slipping and sliding, while allowing a smooth and easy spin with each pull. The only thing I found that I would have changed, was to have a slightly weighted bottom,  so it wouldn’t tip, or move as easily when ripping off a larger amount of paper towels.  Perhaps I just don’t know my own strength however, and tug on it a bit too hard, but regardless I am a fan of this paper towel holder.  It looks good on the counter top as well. It is not big and bulky, and can easily be moved, or even put under the sink for storage. I think it would be a great idea to have multiple of these rolling paper towel holders so you can keep one in your guest bathroom as a more sanitary option to hand towels.

If only they would come in fun colors next! I would definitely be getting those. I am a huge fan of bright colors in my kitchen, and bath, and believe that they would be a hit with those that also like to match their appliances and utensils.

Did I mention that it’s great having a paper towel holder that you can rip off one handed?! If you’re looking for a small paper towel holder, that really does what it claims, than this is the one for you. Kids will love it too…because it spins!

You can own The Cuisipro paper towel holder with wheels for only $25! You can purchase them here: at

Find other fun products from Cuisipro HERE.

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