Looper – More Than I Was Expecting

“Looper” takes place in the not too distant future in the year 2044. Time travel hasn’t been invented yet. But it will be in 2074. It is banned shortly after, but is still used by an elite syndicate to take out its enemies. They nab a bad guy, send them back to 2044, and a hired gun, or looper, takes them out and disposes of the body.

“Looper” follows the story of Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who is one the best loopers in the city. But everything is turned around, when suddenly he is hired to kill his older self (Bruce Willis). But after a short, and pretty one-sided fight, Joe from the future (Joe2) escapes and is now on the loose trying to find a way to stop his planned execution from ever happening. Joe1 unsure what to really do knows he must kill Joe2 in order to live out his life. Throughout all of this, we learn Joe2 knows why loopers are being killed and who is calling the shots. He makes it his mission to stop that person from ever taking charge. But the only problem is, that person doesn’t take charge for another 30 years, and in the year 2044 is only a child. Does Joe2 kill the child? Does Joe1 kill Joe2? You’ll just have to see it to find out. Adding to the plot, a small portion of the population in 2044 has genetic mutation that gives them telekinesis. How does that play into the movie? You’ll have to see, I can’t spoil it.

While “Looper” was good, it was not was I was expecting. I thought I would get a combination of Die Hard, Back to the Future, and Blade Runner. I was anticipating a mind bending plot that involved much more time travel, space-time continuum twists, and surprisingly, more action. While there were fight scenes throughout, I was just expecting more gun fights and more Joe1 vs Joe2 action. There were also scenes that were shown, but then completely disregarded for the rest of the film.   But don’t get me wrong, “Looper” is still worth checking out, and I think it has a pretty good shot at being number one at the box office.

DVD Extras:

Regarding the scenes briefly shown then forgotten, I wonder if they will be more explained in say an uncut version of the film. I’d love to see that.

If you are a big Bruce Willis fan like I am, don’t worry, he has one good “Mother F’er” line during the film. Fittingly enough, as he is shooting up a whole swarm of baddies. It’s still great to see Bruce do what he does best. Be a total bad ass.

I really love how they changed the entire facial look of Joseph Gordon-Levitt for this flick. I’d love to see some behind the scenes footage of how they did it.

I always wanted a Mazda Miata, but the little lady has always made fun of me for liking them. Guess what Joe drives in the movie. That’s right, a Miata. Who thinks they are lame now?!


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