PackAways – Pack Your Stuff… Away

Diets often advertise ways to go from fat to flat. But what about going from flat to fat? Because, that’s exactly what PackAways boxes do.

PackAway boxes are like your traditional cardboard box, but are constructed of a durable, corrugated plastic. The boxes assemble with ease, and can be folded down flat for storage. When it’s time to use your PackAways, simply unfold the sides, snap the bottom panels into place, and pack your things away.

The little lady and I just moved into our own place earlier this month (we had been sharing a place with a few others) and we found the PackAway boxes perfect for our needs. The boxes they sent us were great to help us pack up things like books and photo albums while protecting them in the move. Now that we are all unpacked, the boxes can now be used as additional storage. They would also be great for a dorm room or kids room.

There are three types of PackAway boxes. One designed to slide under your bed, and two more traditional boxes. One with a separate lid, the other with flaps that fold down and lock into place. PackAway boxes are perfect for crafters, kids, or college students looking to organize their things. While I have not seen them in stores, you can put PackAway boxes directly from their website for a very reasonable price.

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