West Coast Chill – Cool Off on Demand

Imagine you’re on the beach, soaking up the sun. It’s hot, you’ve run out of cold drinks in the cooler, and all the ice melted away hours ago. But, you need a  refreshing drink to cool you off and give you a boost of energy to get you through the rest of your day. Then you remember, you have a can of West Coast Chill in your bag. You pull it out,  press the button on the bottom of the can, wait a few minutes, then enjoy a nice cool energy drink. Since I cannot find these in my neck of the woods, I had the people at West Coast Chill send me a can to test out.

West Coast Chill is the latest energy drink, that cools itself on demand. Inside each can, its a CO2 cartridge. To cool the drink, you simply activate the CO2 cartridge by pressing a button on the bottom of the can. It will start to hiss as the can begins to chill. A couple of minutes later, and the can has been chilled. All you have to do then is flip it back over, pop the top, and enjoy.

To test of my can of West Coast Chill, I left the can in my car for a day just to make sure it was warm, but not too hot. When it was time to drink it, the CO2 did get the can cool, but it didn’t get as cold as I thought it would. But I am sure the final results all depend on how hot the can was to begin with. Had my can been warm temperature, I am sure it would have gotten much colder.

West Coast Chill gives you energy, packing filling you up with vitamins and other supplements like Taurine and Creatine. One can of West Coast Chill has so much Vitamin B12, It was 10,000% of your Daily Value. That’s a lot of B12! While I am not big fan of energy drinks, mostly due to their terrible taste, West Coast Chill had a great flavor. It tasted a bit like Red Bull, but without that potent kick of sugar from that you get from a Red Bull. To me, that was a big plus.

West Coast Chill cans are about the size of a 20 ounce can. But don’t expect to get 20 ounces of beverage. In face, you are not getting even half that amount.  The CO2 cartridge takes up most of the space inside the can, giving you about 9 ounces of actual drink.

Right now, West Coast Chill can only be found, well, on the West Coast. But you can however buy some online by visiting their online store. But a six pack is going to run you almost $40. While I think West Coast Chill is heading in the right direction, I think with a lower price tag and a nationwide release, it could grow in popularity.


4 thoughts on “West Coast Chill – Cool Off on Demand

  1. Beware the can will explode if it gets too hot. Which defeats the purpose of self-chilling do ya think? Epic FAIL!

    • We did not come across this issue, nor were warned of any possibility. As I stated in my review, I had kept my can in my car for a while on a hot day, but I did not experience this.

  2. I live in the Inland Empire and we don’t have it at very many stores and they don’t have the co2 can yet but I really like it it tastes good and it does make me feel good without being jittery and I crash awesome product

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