American Idol Tour – More than Just a Highlight Reel

The American Idol Tour and the Top 10 Contestants of Season 11 made a stop in Albany, New York Thursday. While, I was expecting to hear the same songs I heard on the show, I was surprised when I got a fresh, upbeat show, with a lot of new songs.

The night kicked off and was broken up by group performances and duets as the Top 10 singers performed some of their favorite songs from the competition. I had my doubts about the show, expecting it to be a live version of “Kids Bop”, but the contestants, turned professional singers took their songs and fashioned them in their own style. In fact, some of the Idol versions were better than the actual artists themselves. Sorry One Direction, but the Idols sing “What Makes You Beautiful” better. Overall, you can see how much the singers have grown since they were on the show. Unlike the show, they aren’t singing something new each week and I am sure getting vocal training each day.

While the Top 10 all took the stage for their songs, there was one person missing. The Winner. Phillip Phillips did not make a single appearance until the very end of the show. Before playing his hit “Home,” Phillips did his rendition of a few songs including “Superstition” as well as a duet with runner-up Jessica Sanchez for the song, “Volcano”. His weakest song was a watered down cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.” I would have really preferred to hear another song from the show, with him behind a guitar, where he seems to be most comfortable.

There were a few standout moments and surprises that I really liked. While I was not a fan of Colton Dixon (or his constant winking at girls) on the show, I was really surprised when he was allowed to play an original tune he is working on for an album. It allowed him to show what kind of music he wants to do for a living. I liked the song and will be interested in hearing the final product when it’s released. Funny man Heejun Han rapped during his version of John Legend’s “Green Light”, then ripped off his suit jacket to expose his LMFAO gear as he was joined by Hollie Cavanagh and DeAndre Brackensick for their rendition of “Party Rock.”

At the end of the night, The show wrapped up with all 10 Contestants coming out and singing The Wanted’s “Glad You Came.” And I’m sorry, once again, the Idols did it better. Overall the show, while pretty cookie cutter, was entertaining. The venue may have had a lot of empty seats, but the singers gave it their all each time they hit the stage. This season was the first time I ever watched every episode, and the tour was a great way to wrap it all up.

DVD Extras:

Jessica Sanchez had some good moves when up on stage. The little lady and I like to refer to her as Mini-Beyonce. Last night’s performance solidified that title. You can tell she grew up watching the former Destiny Child as she moved on stage. It’ll be interesting to see where her career goes as she continues to grow not only as a singer, but as a woman.

Remember when boy bands did harmonies? They just don’t seem to do that anymore.

They said Albany right! I don’t know how many shows I’ve been to, where a musician thinks they all in AL-banny.


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