Earth Wise – Entirely natural, entirely delicious

Sometimes, we all just want a fruit juice, that actually tastes like fruit! It bothers me that so many “fruit juices”, that are supposed to give you a serving of fruits or veggies, is made with more artificial sweeteners and corn syrup then the actual fruit itself. When I came across Earth Wise Entirely Natural juice products, I just knew I had to try them, so we thank them for sending us a variety to try out! Plus, they come in so many delicious flavors, who wouldn’t be excited about these?! They have 9  different flavors, and 6 of those come in juice boxes. We got the chance to try all 6 flavors in the boxes (sorry, the pomegranate blueberry was sooo delicious, it never made the photo! haha) and I am now hooked on these juices. I’m glad they come in 64oz cartons as well, because I will be buying these as my morning juice from now on.

Each flavor seemed more delicious than the next. I drank the Pom blueberry up far too fast. Expecting it to stay my favorite flavor after I tried the rest, but each one tasted just as good as the last. Dave really liked the watermelon supreme, though this was my least favorite of the bunch. The 100% juice (in the green boxes, which were also smaller 4.23fl oz, compared to 5.07 fl oz in the 25% juice blends) were the best in my personal opinion. I like knowing there is no added sugar, and just straight fruit juice. They also have a more intense, fresh juiced taste. The orchard reds and harvest select reminded me of fall, and picking apples. The fresh apple taste was fantastic in these, and you know what they say; an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. As do the vitamins packed in all the fruit/veggies Earth Wise uses in their products. Such as Carrots, which are an excellent source of Vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B1, B6, & Potassium! The only problem with the juice boxes, is that the serving size is so small, you would have to drink about 5 of them to meet the daily requirement of some of these vitamins. Still, its an easy thing to pack in your kids lunches that will give them an extra burst of nutrition.

Not only is Earth Wise naturally delicious, but they’re eco-friendly too! They use eco-friendly manufacturing processes and highly recyclable, environmentally friendly packaging. So they’re good for not only you, but the earth as well. Trust us, these are good to the last drop.

You can buy Earth Wise beverages at your local grocery store, such as shop rite, for $1 per juice box pack-$3 a carton. Prices may vary by store.


3 thoughts on “Earth Wise – Entirely natural, entirely delicious

  1. I agree..i have tried them all and are fantastic .. my favorite is the passion fruit.. these also make great cocktais for parties..and look out for the larger cartons..they have now started producign these in a new innovative packaging with a “window” on the carton so you can actually see the juice too..fabulous..

  2. I have bought them and love the fact that it has no calories of fat. Smells and taste delicioussssssss. This will be the only juices in my refrigerator. I’m on a diet and changing the way I eat. So far, 255 to 235. It’s 20 lbs less….yes! Any suggestions on good smoothie mixes.

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