Karma Wellness Water

If Earl Hickey (From “My Name is Earl”) was writing this review, he’d say something along the lines of “Drink good things and good things happen. Drink bad things and bad things happen.” But he’s not. But still the phrase applies. Karma Wellness Water uses delicious spring water and a burst of vitamins to give you a boost to your day.

According to the people at Karma, vitamins in drinks can deteriorate over time. While sitting on the shelf of your local supermarket, the nutrients that break down and lose their potency. But with Karma water and its specially designed cap, you combine the vitamins with the fresh water when you’re ready to drink it.

Karma comes in five different flavors, acai pomberry, coconut pineapple, raspberry guava jackfruit, passionfruit green tea, and orange mango. Karma was able to send the four of the five flavors (no orange mango for me, which is a huge bummer because I have a feeling it would have been my favorite (I  love mango – See my review of Arizona’s Mango Lemonade). Each flavor is unique, and has it’s own specific purpose like balance, mind, and spirit.

Once infused with the vitamins, and given a good shake, the water  changes to the color of its specific label. While I’ve never heard of a jackfruit or a pomberry, each drink had their each unique, delicious flavor. My personal favorite was the acai pomberry flavor. The misses really liked the raspberry guava jackfruit kind. Coconut pineapple tasted just like a pino colada. What’s also pretty amazing about these drinks, while they are packed with fresh vitamins, you do not get that mineral taste. But the passionfruit green tea flavor is the exception. To me, all I could taste was the vitamins. it was like drinking a bottle of emergen-C or something similar. But that was the only flavor that was like that. The rest were very refreshing.

You can find Karma Wellness Water at your local supermarket or buy it online.


One thought on “Karma Wellness Water

  1. I would like to say Thank You Cagary Co-op for bringing Karma to the centes. What a treat to be able to pur chase at a one stop destination .
    No more 7-11 trips .
    One Happy Customer.

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