Dogswell – Nutrition for your pets

We’re always being told to eat healthier, and follow a more natural diet, but what about our pets? They deserve to be healthier too. Feeding our pets more nutritional, all natural foods can help keep their weight down, and their heart healthy. It can also help their eyes, skin, coat, and even their joints. I think most people fail to think about that when feeding their beloved family dog processed food, with ingredients you would never consume yourself.

You can find a wide variety of healthy products for your dogs and cats from DOGSWELL and CATSWELL, that include treats, dried food, and canned food. I, or should I say, my 2 dogs (and a few of my friends and families dogs) had a chance to try some of the DOGSWELL treats &  food out that they sent us. They seemed pretty excited as each new package of treats was opened, and begged just as must as usual. The smell of both the Tilapia and Salmon treats was not so pleasant, and even made a few people gag, but they were loved by 2 out of 3 dogs tested. One just smelled it, and ran the other way. Oh yes, that would have been what I would do too! But, I do think most dogs would really like these. Unless yours is super picky. The biggest hits with all the dogs tested were the Vitality Turkey & Veggies Jerky Bars, and Breathies Minis Chicken Mint & Parsley. Even the pickiest of dogs seemed to like the Breathies treats, and they were even easy for small dogs to chew. Our 120lb Lab ate these like tic tacs however, and they would need to come in a much larger bag to keep on hand for him.

The Nutrisca products were also a big hit. They loved the beef dinner bites, which can be fed as a meal, but we gave them as treats instead. Again, our 120lb lab would have eaten the whole bag in one sitting, as thats what the serving size states for his weight. These tiny bags wouldn’t last very long if you have larger dogs, and at $12.99 for a 5oz. bag, it may just break the bank if you were to feed them these as their meal on a regular basis.

One of the great parts of ordering online from DOGSWELLis that you can order trial size, 1lb bags, for $3.99 of their dried dog foods, so you can see what your dog likes the most. Nutrisca canned foods are only sold by the case (12 cans, for $34.68) however, so make sure you know what flavors your dog prefers before ordering.

Our dogs loved the Lamb and chickpea dry dog food, and the canned food didn’t last long in their dishes. They’re not too picky when it comes to their dog food, but occasionally our Rotteagle (yup, thats Rottweiler and Beagle mixed) is a picky eater. She loved everything she tried, except those fishy treats where she ran the other way!

You can see DOGSWELLs full list of products, and buy online HERE! Or, check out their handy store finder, to find a local pet store that sells DOGSWELL and CATSWELL products near you!

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