The Campaign Takes a Dig at Politics

Starring Will Farrell and Zach Galifianakis, The Campaign takes place in the 14th District of North Carolina, as a Multi-Millionaire’s son (Galifianakis) is chosen to run against a four term U.S. Congressman (Farrell) just weeks before the November elections.

Before going into The Campaign, I was expecting the same Will Farrell comedy formula. Write the script for all of the other characters, then let Farrell ad-lib, scream, and run around on screen. But surprisingly that was not what I got. Instead,  Farrell brings elements of his George W. Bush character to the big screen. Galifianakis plays a strange, but wholesome family man, who is picked up by a pair of corporate brothers looking to bring sweatshops to America. Unknowing of their secret plan and looking to make his daddy proud, he accepts the offer and hits the campaign trail.

As we get ready for political campaigns to heat up in the real world, The Campaign is there to poke fun at it all. From making campaign stops at various locations, kissing babies, and shaking hands, right down to the those obnoxious campaign ads, The Campaign has it all. They even throw in a sex scandal for safe measure.

The Campaign proves to be a decent comedy, that will provide laughs from beginning to end. You can really tell which scenes the writers had the most fun with. Including a scene where Galifianakis’ family confess all of the bad things they’ve done. And, like some comedies, the television ads are not just a highlight reel of all the funny moments of the movie. There is much more to be seen in the theaters. Trust me. Will Farrell’s character punches more than just a baby. On the other side of things, some previews show scenes that are not even in the final movie. Some of these parts could have been pretty funny if kept in. With that said, maybe we’ll be in for even more laughs if we get “The Campaign” extended cut on Blu-Ray and DVD.


She said:

Not as crazy about it as he was. I just don’t find Will Farrell to be that funny, and though he wasn’t as obnoxious and crazy as he is in his other movies, this still didn’t crack me up that much. There were a few really funny parts, but overall, I wasn’t that impressed. I would tell people to save their money on this one. Plus, there was a totally unneeded snake scene I could have really done without! (Yes, I said snake scene, not sex scene.) I did like the maid however. She was my favorite part of the movie…and if you do go see this, then you’ll see why!


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