Newman’s Own Organics – Cookie Extravaganza!

So remember that time I said my next review wouldn’t be about cookies? I lied. But for real this time, my next review (after this one) will not be cookie related. But hey, this is probably why she calls me ‘Cookie Monster.’

But without further adieu, lets take a look at Newman’s Own Organics line of cream filled cookies. Just think all natural Oreos. The people at NOO offer several varieties of it’s “O’s” cookies. They sent me their Hint-O-Mint, Peanut Butter, Ginger N’ Creme and Chocolate Creme Cookies.

Peanut Butter may be the favorite of the four I tried. While the chocolate cookie portion does not taste exactly like an Oreo, they are still good. At first bite you will notice they are not as sweet, but they are still delicious in their own right. I found myself quickly adjusted to the different taste as I tried the other varieties. What makes the peanut butter filled cookies really good is the all natural peanut butter. It’s so good. You can’t go wrong with a PB-C combo. I think the people over at the Oreo factory should take note, and call up Jif or Skippy, and come out with their own chocolate peanut butter cookie.

The Hint-O-Mint cookies are probably on the bottom of my list when it comes to the cookies I tried. While I was expecting something to taste like those popular Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, that was not what I got. But I did get exactly what the title says. A Hint of Mint. The mint flavor is not in the cream, but in the cookie itself. Though it’s well hidden by the other flavors, it is there.

The Chocolate Creme and Ginger N’ Creme cookies were also pretty good. You cannot go wrong with double chocolate! And the Ginger N’ Creme cookies are something you don’t normally see in the cookie jar. After your first initial chew you get hit by a wave of ginger, almost giving the cookie a sort of bite. For me, I really liked having something out of the ordinary. It’s a nice twist on something we are all familiar with.

If you want to try any of Newman’s Owns Organics products look for them in the Organic section of your nearest supermarket.


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