Newman’s Own Organics – Hermits & Fig Newmans

So, let me begin by saying I don’t eat cookies all the time. Sure, I have reviewed several different kinds of cookies in the past, but that’s not all I eat. For example, today we are looking at Newman’s Own Organics Fig Newmans and Hermits. Oh wait. Both of these are cookies. Ok, a non-cookie review next time. I promise.

For now, let me begin by saying both the Fig Newmans and the Hermits are good. I am a big, name brand Fig Newton fan, and have found that some of the ‘off brand’ or non popular varieties never live up to that standard. To tell you the truth, I was expecting that same below par taste when it came to the Newman’s Own Organics. But I couldn’t be more wrong. I think I may actually prefer these over any other kind. They had a great taste and texture. And if it wasn’t for the little lady, I probably could have eaten a lot more in one sitting. The fact that they are all organic and do not contain all those extra additives they are perfect for parents to give to their kids.

I was a bit hesitant to try the Hermits cookies as well. While I like some ginger cookies, the combination of ginger and raisins had me a bit skeptical. But here is a great example of why we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Sure the cookie may look like a direct descendant of the fruitcake, but these cookies are pretty tasty, and moist. The ginger and molasses compliment each other so nicely. Each individual cookie almost looks like a miniature brownie. I think some parents could easily get their children to eat them, despite the raisins, which are a nice addition to the cookie, giving it a little extra taste and texture.

Both the Fig Newmans and Hermits are well worth trying. The Fig Newmans are a safer bet. The Hermits are a non traditional cookie in my opinion, but worth checking out with you’re feeling cookie-venturous. I am glad they sent me these to try out.

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I feel like I should be allowed to eat more Fig cookies than the suggested serving size. Why? Because they contain figs. Aren’t those a fruit? I should eat more cookies to get more servings of fruit. I’m actually being healthier by eating more.


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