iGozen – germs be gone.

Do you want a safe & natural way to clean? And I don’t just mean cleaning your countertops. With iGozen you can clean everything from your carpet, to wood, fruits/veggies, and even your meat/fish! I know, it sounds pretty unbelievable that something with such simple ingredients of microfine calcium powder from sea shells, & sea salt can clean so effectively, while neutralizing bacteria, pesticides, toxins, and even wax from your fruits and veggies. They state its as easy as a spray, soak, and a rinse, and after trying it out I have to agree.

There are 3 different cleaning formulas, all with the same ingredients, but they must be formulated differently for each task. Otherwise, why couldn’t I just use one of the packets on everything? hmm. I do have to say though, that there are so many things you can use these products on, that I couldn’t possibly try it on everything for this test. I do think it would work however, because when I did use it, I saw amazing results. The polishing cloth, and spray bottle are fantastic additions to this line. I love that they help keep the carbon footprint down, are a very affordable natural cleanser, and its non-toxic (so safe around little ones, and pets!).

I was amazed to see how well it cleaned and polished, all in one step. A simple spray, a few seconds to sit, and a buff of the microfiber cloth, and instant shine! As someone who has been cleaning houses for almost 15yrs, I can tell this works even better than most chemical filled products I’ve been using most of my life. I wish I had this all along, instead of breathing in the horrible chemicals that I have in the past. I can only hope they come out with a toilet cleaner asap! haha Perhaps I will go try the everyday cleaner in the toilet. DUH! Why didn’t I think of that sooner? I’ll report back with an update on that.

One of the things that impressed me the most, besides how well this cleaned, is the spray bottle. It has the most effortless, and awesome spray I have ever used. I love it. It sprays a fine, even mist. I wish all spray bottles worked this well. I think I need one for my hair products! And luckily, you can order just the bottles. 😉

If you have been looking for a way to remove dirt, pesticides, germs, etc…from your fruits & veggies, and meat & fish, I think this is perfect way to do it. If you don’t happen to have 3 separate spray bottles for each formula (I only had one for the everyday cleaner), then you can just place your colander in a deep bowl, fill with enough water to cover your produce, add a small amount of the fruit/veg wash, gently mix around, let sit for a few seconds, then rinse. You will see an amazing difference in how much of that waxy coating is removed, and how the dirt is washed away. Clean, and delicious! No harmful chemicals involved. You can do the same with your meat/fish (minus the colander). I love that it washes away most of that fishy taste. It makes it taste fresher, and its nice to know its washing away all the bad bacteria. A great addition to the kitchen.

iGozen sample kit (as sent to us) – value: $8.95

Time to stock up on iGozen? I think so.
You can purchase from their site HERE. Prices range from $8.95 for the sample kit, or bottle set – $21.95 for an introductory kit. Refill packs are also available for $14.95! All orders have free shipping!

Update #1: The everyday cleaner worked wonders as a toilet bowl cleaner! I simply sprayed it on, waited a minute or 2, and then scrubbed w/the toilet brush. It was spotless.

Update #2: I sprayed the everyday cleaner on a chocolate stain, and watched it literally disappear before my eyes! No scrubbing required. I love this stuff!


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