A BluApple a day…keeps the spots away.

Do you get sick of buying fresh produce, and having it go bad before you ever get to use it? I feel like fruits and veggies go bad extra fast during the hot & humid summer months, and thats why I couldn’t wait to try the BluApple product sent to us here at We Used That, which claims to keep your produce fresher, longer. 3 times longer to be exact.

Here’s a litte info on how & why the BluApple is supposed to work:

The ripening of fruit and vegetables is a process that is caused by ethylene gas, a natural plant hormone. It accelerates the ripening, and causes them to deteriorate. By lowering the ethylene gas surrounding fruits and veggies, the shelf life can be greatly increased. This is where BluApple comes into play. They contain sodium permanganate. A natural Zeolite, which is a pure form of ancient volcanic ash, that oxidizes the ethylene gas away. They typically last about 3 months, and after that will need to be replaced. You can keep the cute blue apple tho, and just replace the packet inside. Even better, even the packets are recyclable, because they can be opened, and sprinkled into house plants or flowers, providing minerals to the soil.

I was excited to try this with a variety of different fruits and vegetables. Mainly, bananas. We all know how fast those darn things ripen, and I don’t know about you, but I like mine bright yellow, with a hint of green left in them. Brown spots are a no go with me and a banana. Yuck. So, when I got these, I followed (or, tried) their directions on how to use them with different types of produce. They recommend putting your bananas in a brown paper bag, when they’re still a bit green, and put a BluApple in with them. It is supposed to slow down the ripening process, and if you put them in too late, it won’t work quite as well. Sadly, I must have missed my window, and they were a bit more yellow then green, and it did not slow the ripening down so well. Perhaps it may have given us an extra day with this heat and humidity we’ve been having, but that was it. I’m going to try it again with super green bananas and see how it works.  As for other things, I think the BluApples worked very well. Storing one in a ziploc with fresh herbs, as well as with lettuce kept it nice and fresh. It was as if I had just picked it. It also helped to keep them wrapped in a damp paper towel as well, to prevent it from drying out and wilting, but I will definitely continue storing my fresh herbs with these nearby! I also added one to a green container (also made to keep produce fresh longer) where I had strawberries and cherries. It kept them ripe an extra week! I was pretty happy with my test on these, and will get refills in a few months, so I can continue using them. Who doesn’t like to keep things fresh?

When you start using your BluApples, you can register them on their site, and they will send you a reminder when its time for refills. Such a great idea, because I know I’d forget.

You can order a 2-apple pack for only $9.95 from their site HERE. A 12-month refill kit is also only $9.95.


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