Cut the Cord to Your Home Phone with AT&T

I recently got to check out the new AT&T Wireless Home Phone Service. It uses a small box that looks like a wireless router that basically turns your home phone into a cell phone. Inside the box is a SIM card that picks up AT&T’s cell service. Plug your home phone into the back and then use it like any other home phone.

While AT&T says you are required to use the area code while dialing (even local numbers) I was able to call several people without any issue. Typically when the power goes out in your home, non-portable home phones will still work. So will the AT&T Wireless Home Phone Service thanks to a built in battery.

What’s really cool about the box is you can transfer your current home number to the device or get a new number all together. You can also  tie the account to your current Wireless Service Plan for as low at 10 bucks a month ($9.99 if you want to be exact). Add the line to your current plan and calls would just deduct minutes from your plan.

I think the AT&T Wireless Home Phone Service box would be good  for people who want to keep their home phone number, but are sick of paying too much every month, or those who want to consolidate their bills into one. But I think the people who could really benefit are people who travel, but want to be reached no matter where they are. Imagine driving across country in an RV, your honey by your side, as you see the sights America has to offer. But oh no, little Jimmy wanted to call you, to tell you about his first tee-ball game. It’s ok, he calls up your home phone, which is right there on the road with you. Now pull that RV into a State Park and set up the Direct TV, the 700 Club is about to come on.

DVD Extras:

If you want to try out the AT&T Wireless Home Phone service, head over to your nearest AT&T Store. Some stores were offering free trials if you bring in your home phone bill. You can also learn more here. But don’t wait to long, that deal ends August 31, 2012.


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