Newman’s Own Organics – Minty fresh

peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, and wintergreen mints

Perhaps you never think of your hard candy or mints as being healthy, but thats probably because they aren’t. Well, Newman’s Own Organics may have just changed that with these organic mints. Ok, they’re not full of nutrition and vitamins or anything crazy, but they are made with organic ingredients, and only natural flavoring. That already makes them better than the chemical filled candies we’re all used to consuming, and at only 10 calories per serving (which is 3 mints in a roll, 2 from the tin) thats a minty breath of fresh air.

All 4 flavors are intense. Since all of them are made with natural flavoring, they’re much stronger than your normal breath mint. Each flavor tells you if its refreshing or invigorating right on the top of the package. Invigorating being the stronger, spicier flavors. They definitely have a kick. I personally loved that, and thought the ginger mints were amazing. Those, along with the wintergreen were my personal faves. The ginger mints seemed to help settle my stomach when I felt like I over ate, or if I was nauseous, and the wintergreen gave you a clean, fresh breath feeling.

My mom loves hot cinnamon, so it was only right I shared these amazing mints with her. My dad tried the peppermint, and seemed to really enjoy them. Dave was not a huge fan of the ginger mints, but did seem to like the other flavors. We’re all going to have some seriously fresh breath.

All 4 flavors can be purchased by the  1.76 oz tin, single roll, or by the 4 pack, as seen above. The tins are super cute, and are great to just throw in your purse, beach, or gym bag. All the mints are sodium & fat free, and only contain 2g of sugar per serving. I hope Newman’s Own Organics come out with a spearmint flavor in the near future, and perhaps, a gum line!

prices vary, but average about $2 and up per pkg. You can purchase them online HERE, or find them in your local natural foods stores.

*We thank Newman’s Own Organics for sending We Used That these, and other products to test & review.


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