Don’t Forget Your Passport… Buddy

Whether you’re just going across the border or across the pond, your passport is essential for international travel. When traveling abroad, it’s also important to keep your passport safe and secure.

I recently took a trip to Canada, and like everyone else crossing the border, I had my passport in hand. But what set mine apart from the rest was my StoreSMART Passport Buddy. StoreSMART has a wide range of products for travelers ranging including  ID covers and Passport Holders, like the ones they sent me.

Each product is made of clear vinyl, designed to protect your passport from everyday wear and tear. While the Passport cover is a simple slip cover to place over the cover of your Passport, it adds some extra flare to it. Compared to those I was traveling with, my passport just looked more legit.

Also available from StoreSMART are special sealable pouches you can wear around your neck. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the size of a drivers license to large enough to hold a map. These holders give you that extra protection by allowing you to wear it around your neck, instead of putting items in your pocket, where they could fall out, or even worse, get stolen. And for when traveling in those seedy countries, each pouch has a black backing so the contents cannot be seen through clothing. With a zipper at the top, the pouches also protect your items from the elements.

You can order these products as well as StoreSMART’s other items from their online store.

DVD Extras:

Despite my efforts to have a legit looking Passport, I was still stopped by security when coming back into America. They called it a “random computer generated search.” But it’s ok. They didn’t find anything. In fact, they didn’t even search the car.

Speaking of coming back into America, If I were ever elected President of the United States of America, I would make it my first duty in office to install short wave radio transmitters at all border crossings. Then signs would be posted to tell American’s coming home to tune their radio to a specific station. The only thing playing on that station, Neil Diamond’s “Coming to America” on loop.

Also Speaking of “Coming to America,” remember the Eddie Murphy movie? I’ve got it on DVD somewhere. I should review that too.

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