Sheila Jewelry – Affordable & fun

Look from the front

For the girls out there looking for affordable, yet fashionable and trendy jewelry, I have found the place for you! Sheila Jewelry sells jewelry at wholesale/discount prices, with no minimum order required. They sell many different styles; from bracelets, and rings, to head dresses. And the designs they come in are adorable.

I have recently been on the search for ear cuffs, and could not find any that I liked, or that I wanted to spend the money on. I was about ready to give up when I came across these. The black pearl is so fun, and for someone like me, who doesn’t have their ears pierced (I know, thats very rare haha and I like it that way!) it is a great way to look like you’re wearing earrings. Ear cuffs are also a bit of a trend right now, as they were even made by designers like Chanel, are sold in stores such as Top Shop, and were even worn by YouTube sensation Promise in one of her recent videos.

side view 1

Now, here is a little info on this particular ear cuff, which Sheila Jewelry was nice enough to send us for review. It shipped super fast, and arrived within a few days. That alone makes me want to purchase from Sheila Jewelry (and yes, I have a few times since!). I was happy with how well it was packaged, and how it wasn’t a bit tangled when I removed it from the box. It looks very well made, which is amazing for the price, and the black pearls were surprisingly bigger than I had thought they would be. I loved it at first site. I quickly put it on, to find my ears are so tiny, it barely stayed on. I had to adjust it a bit, by squeezing it together slightly, and it fit much better.  I wore it most of the day, and found that the back of my ear became a little sore, but no different then how a headband may feel after wearing it for hours. I removed it for about 20 mins, and the pain went away. These are so fun, Im going to buy a few more.

side view 2

I look forward to future purchases at Sheila Jewelry, and at prices ranging from $1.00-$2.25, how can you go wrong?! I plan on buying a head dress as well. If I do, I may just review that as well.

You can purchase from their ebay store or website


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