Battle of The Sexes – Yes, it’s TRUE…TRUE citrus that is.

A variety of TRUE products sent to We Used That

Battle of the Sexes Reviews feature a write up from both sides. We’ll put together BotS reviews every once in a while when we both try out products together. Will we agree or disagree? There is only one way to find out.

She Says:

Who knew 100% natural flavors could be so delicious? Well, certainly not the artificial sweetener, juice, and soda obsessed. And to those, I say you must try these! TRUE products send us a variety of flavors, such as lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, and even lemon iced tea, as well as raspberry lemonade. All of the flavors are extremely refreshing, and full of natural flavor. It’s as if you squeezed a lemon or lime right into your glass.

Each packet contains no calories, carbs, sugar, sodium, or fat, and there are no preservatives or artificial colors. There is 25% the RDA of Vit C however, which is pretty awesome. You can use TRUE products in baking & cooking as well. It adds a great natural flavor to a variety of dishes, such as in lemon cakes, fruit pies, grilled veggies, chicken, or fish dishes, which is what my 1st test of the lemon and lime shakers was on. I mixed a bit of both with crushed tortilla chips, and crusted the top of salmon with it. It added a great burst of citrus flavor. These flavor packets, and shakers are extremely convenient to keep on hand to add extra flavor to your favorite recipes, without the added sodium and fat. I plan on using the lime shaker next time I make guacamole, and the orange and lemon add a great flavor to hot & cold tea. You can find out measuring equivalents for recipes on their site.

He Says:

Staying hydrated is very important to me, so I typically keep a bottle of water at my side at all times. Whether I am at work, at home, or driving in the car, I’ve usually have a water bottle right there with me. But once in a while, I like to treat myself to something different. I’ve used powdered drink mixes for years, but the TRUE line up of citrus powders is great. Unlike other drink mixes, True Citrus drinks are just that. True Citrus. All they do is crystalize those natural juices, put them in convenient packets and ship them out to your nearest grocery store.

There are several different flavors to chose from including lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, and lemonade. I loved them all. I’m not typically a grapefruit fan, but true grapefruit flavor adds a nice taste to your water that goes down nice. What’s nice about the Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, and Orange flavors, is one packet is like adding a wedge of fruit to your glass of water. There are no other sweeteners. Each packet is calorie and sugar free. The Lemonade and Raspberry Lemonade flavor packets are also sugar free, but contain a dash of Stevia Extract for that extra boost of sweetness.  And at just 5 calories you do not have to feel guilty about having one.

If you are already buying drink packets for your desk at work, or for around the house, I suggest giving these a try. I will have a small glass with breakfast from time to time, and treat myself to some lemonade while at work. The True Citrus line up can be found in supermarkets across the country.

You can buy TRUE products online HERE, or at supermarkets nationwide.


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