Woohoo – Its BULU!

Bulu Box contents!

Who doesn’t want to get a fun surprise in the mail each month, and get to sample out new products before you buy them? For a small monthly fee, Bulu Boxes allow just that. You get 4-5 nutritional samples each month. Some are small packets, others are full sizes, like the Vit D3 seen above. They give you just the right amount for testing, so you can feel the effect of the product.

Included in this box were the following: Pure Matters Vit D3 (30 capsules), Life = Omega 3 (2 capsules), Super HD Thermogenic ( 1 capsule), RevHoney U-tube (1 tube = 1 serving size), & a nightfood bar.

The Vit D3 worked as any good D3 vitamin would. It helps with cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal health, as well as mood, neurological, and immunity improvement. These are 100% vegetarian capsules. Sold in a 90 capsule bottle on bulubox.com for $12.95, or a 1 month supply may be included in your 1st bulubox!

Life = Omega 3 is great. It has natural citrus flavor, is cold-pressed, provides maximum DHA/EPA, & is 100% Pure. For every purchase of Life =, they will provide multivitamins to an undernourished child. That is a great company to support! A 30 day supply is $24.95.

Super HD Thermogenic is a fat targeting, and sculpting agent. It is supposed to increase energy & focus, as well as appetite control, & fat metabolism. It contains ingredients to get your heart racing, and help you get into shape. I personally could not take this due to my arrhythmia, but Dave took them, and didn’t seem to have any side effects. I think it provided him with just the right amount of energy & focus to get him through his night shift at the radio station. It has great reviews on the site, and its one of their top sellers, but its a little pricey at $39.99 for a 60 capsule bottle (a 2 month supply).

The RevHoney U-Tube was delicious! The only ingredients for natural energy are honey, and freeze dried fruit. In this case, peaches. So delicious, I decided to use it in my decaf green tea, for a nice sweet peach flavor. Natural sugars help provide your body with calories that it turns into energy. It comes in other flavors such as Strawberry, Cinnamon,  & Blackberry. At only $1.69/tube, its a wonder its usually sold out on the site! Keep checking back to get yours.

And last, but certainly not least, the Nightfood bar. It’s a cookies’n cream snack bar you’re supposed to eat before going to bed. It claims to keep blood glucose levels in check while you sleep, to provide you with a more restful sleep, and help you feel more energized and rejuvenated when you wake. I personally did not feel that it did this. It is pretty sweet. Containing Oreo cookie crumbs, and a white chocolate coating, that if were replaced by something nutritious, and perhaps, all natural or organic, would actually make you feel better. Instead it was dry, overly sweet, and unsatisfying. I did not feel relaxed after eating it, only disappointed that I just took in 150 calories, and 2.5g sat fat for something that isn’t actually healthy or helpful in putting me to sleep. A 6-bar box is a whopping $11.99. I’d prefer to spend that on multiple boxes of Kashi bars instead.

Overall, it was a fun experience, and helpful too. It allows you to see what products you would spend money on, and which ones you could do without. I think I may just be subscribing to Bulu in the near future.

Get 1 box a month for only $10 delivered right to your door.
Are you ready to Bulu

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