Chill Out with Cool Off – The Quick Chill

Imagine if you had a way to quickly and easily cool off no matter where you were. Now you can with Cool Off towelettes. These individually wrapped towelettes use natural herbs and oils to help you beat the heat. After getting a few of these sent to me, I knew I had to try them out. What better way to but them to the test, than by working up a sweat.

Before going to work, I like to get in a morning run.  After, I am usually pretty hot and dripping with sweat . But not any more. This week, I used Cool Off – The Quick Chill pads after my run. Man, do these things work. Not only was it refreshing to wipe my face of sweat, it was also refreshing to get that cool burst of oils on my face. I could feel the pad working as my body cooled down.

Cool Off towelettes are not just for athletes, or for when out in the heat. They can also be used by those who suffer from hot flashes. According to the people at Cool Off, thermal imaging cameras show that Cool Off towelettes can lower someone’s skin temperature by as much as 12 degrees. I don’t have a thermal imaging camera, so I’m going to have to take their word for it.

You may not be able to find Cool Off pads in stores just yet, but they are available online. Just visit Cool Off’s website.

DVD Extras:

For an even better way of cooling off, use a Cool Off towelette with a fan. You can really feel the menthol on your face as the fan cools and dries your face. For me, this was the best experience, I suggest you give it a shot.

Note to Self: Find a thermal imaging camera to review.


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