Newmans Own Organics – Pretzel time!

Don’t get yourself in a knot. (Oh yes, I went there.) These pretzels are organic, nutritious, and delicious!

Lets start with Spelt. Have you ever wondered what a Spelt Pretzel tasted like? Well, I did. I wasn’t even sure what Spelt flour was, which is what these are made from. Until now. It is a grain, in the wheat family, with a slight sweetness, and a nutty flavor. It has more protein, and fewer calories then regular wheat flour, and is easy to digest, but lower in fiber. It is also, delicious. I honestly don’t think I could tell the difference between these and a regular pretzel in a blind taste test. Perhaps my taste buds aren’t sensitive enough to pick out the nuttier notes? I’m not sure, but they are yummy, and that works for me.

Pretzels were Newman’s Owns first product, because they were “Pa” Newman’s favorite snack. Wise man. It seems just about everyone likes pretzels. Even the pickiest of eaters, such as my friends niece and nephew, who rarely like anything. So, when I offered them the Thin Pretzel Sticks, I wasn’t sure if they would even try them, let alone ask for more. Surprise, Surprise…they loved them! As did Dave & I. We all pretty much cleared that bag in one sitting. There’s something about pretzels everyone loves. Perhaps its the crunch? The salt? The deliciousness?

The salted Pretzel sticks, were also delicious, and tasted like most every other pretzel I’ve had before. Perhaps, just a bit fresher, and healthier. Ok, maybe that’s because I know they’re organic. Newman’s Own Organics, does a great job at keeping the taste we all know and love, but giving it to us in a healthier form. I love that.

Some random facts:

Although Spelt is supposed to contain less fiber, the Spelt Pretzels contain 4g of dietary fiber vs 1g in the Pretzel Sticks.

Pretzels have been around for nearly 1300 years! Wow!

Newman’s Own Organics has 10 varieties of pretzels to choose from: Spelt, Salted Sticks, High Protein, Unsalted Rounds, Rods, Thin Sticks, Salted Rounds, Honey Wheat Mini Salted Thins, & Mighty Mini. The Rounds come in Salted and Unsalted, and the Minis include Spelt, High Protein, Honey Wheat and the Mighty.

You can find Newman’s Own Organics in natural food stores near you! Priced at around $3 or less, per bag. Provided to us by Newman’s Own Organics for review.


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