Nana’s Cookies – No Eggs? No Whey!!

So when you typically make cookies, what do you need? Traditional recipes call for things like milk, butter, and eggs. But not Nana’s Cookie Company. Its latest line of cookies do  not include any of these ingredients. So how do they do it?

Nana’s has several different cookies that do not include eggs or dairy products. Instead they are made with Organic Flour, Fruit Juices and other natural ingredients.  There is even a G-Free cookie that uses Rice Flour instead of Whole Wheat Flour. Today I was able to check out Nana’s ‘No Wheat Chocolate Chip’ Cookie, ‘Double Chocolate’ Cookie, and the ‘No Gluten’ Lemon Cookie, after getting them sent to me in the mail. All Three cookies are made without Eggs, Dairy or Refined Sugars. But even without these three typically necessary ingredients, Nana’s cookies are still delicious.

Give these to any child, adult, or cookie monster, and they may not even notice the absence of those traditionally required ingredients. What they may notice; the cookies do taste different after the first bite. That is the one thing I noticed. The cookies are not as sweet as other cookies, but after that first taste, your taste buds adjust, and the cookies are nothing but tasty.

Even without refined sugars, the ‘No Gluten’ Lemon Cookie is actually very sweet. I was able to quickly chow down on the other cookies, but the lemon cookie was so sweet I could only eat a little bit. Like many natural snacks, it is slightly dry, so if you take too big of a bite, you will need a drink on standby to help wash it down. The ‘No Wheat’ Chocolate Chip Cookie was my favorite. For being made with all natural ingredients it was very good. It was also moist. For me, that is a big plus. The ‘Double Chocolate’ Cookie, was also good, but it lost points from me for the inclusion of nuts. I’m not sure why they added the walnuts, but if you’re not a fan of nuts either, go with the traditional ‘No Wheat’ Chocolate Chip.

If none of these cookies, sound like your cup of tea, Nana’s make several other ‘All Natural’ Cookies including Ginger, Coconut and Peanut Butter. You can find Nana’s Cookie Company’s cookies at a natural food store near you. If you’re not sure where to go, their website has a store locator. Enjoy!

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