alima Pure…pure beauty.

If you haven’t yet heard of alima Pure, let me introduce you. It’s a makeup company that believes less is more. At least, in terms of ingredients. They do not however, believe that one shade fits all. I have found that in most natural or organic makeup companies, they lack the variety in shades for foundations, blush, etc… but alima Pure does not. I was happy to see they give you many color choices, because everyone has a different skin tone. Also, they have a fun tool to help you choose the right shade, and then they send you a sample kit in order to try out what works best on your skin. I tried it out, and this was the kit they sent me.

I was so excited when it arrived, and could not wait to try out the new shades to find the perfect one for me. The little pamphlet that came with it even told you how to apply the mineral foundation, blush, and finishing powder, and includes a $10 off coupon towards their basic face kit. The colors looked great, and the included kabuki brush was super cute, not to mention the cosmetic bag it came in! I loved it. The little birds are so adorable.

I started out with the neutral shades first, and then the beige shades on the 3rd day of testing. It was a bit tricky to use right out of the container without getting powder everywhere, so I put a small amount in the palm of my hand, and then swirled the brush around in it. I tapped it off gently and swirled it in circles over my face. They recommend using a downward motion with your brush, but I prefer to use small circles, and work my powdered foundation in that way. I feel that it gives me more coverage, which is what I personally like. It goes on smooth, and blends into your skin with ease. I liked the beige 3 shade the best, since it is the darkest of the bunch for my skin tone, and during the summer months, I prefer a darker shade. I still had to bronze my skin up a bit tho, and use my juice beauty concealer to cover up any blemishes, and dark eye circles. I didn’t use the bisque blush sample until the 2nd day, and I have to say its my favorite part of this kit. I absolutely love the color. It’s in the peach shade family, but I think it has more of a tan effect on my skin, and works perfectly with my bronzer. It is also matte, which for some reason, can sometimes be hard to find in a great shade blush.

My personal faves. Bottom left to right: Bisque blush, and Beige 3

I also stopped using the included kabuki brush after the 1st test, and went back to using my regular day to day powder brush. I preferred the way it felt on my face, and thought it blended in the powders a bit better, especially with the blush.

Colors in order: Keiko (finishing powder), Neutral 2, Neutral 3, Beige 2, Bisque (blush), Beige 3

If you are looking for a new mineral foundation, blush, finishing powder, etc.. then you should definitely check out alima Pure I hope you have as much fun finding your perfect shade as I did!

They also sell powder concealer, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip balm, brushes, and the basic face kit. You can even get sample sizes for only $1.50!

Mineral foundation – full size: $25.00

Bisque – full size: $20.00

Satin finishing powder – full size: $20.00

wearing beige 3, bisque, and keiko finishing powder. unedited.


2 thoughts on “alima Pure…pure beauty.

  1. Do you know what color foundation you are in MAC? I’m an NC20-ish. I was wondering what shades to order, I was thinking the 1’s and 2’s, but you look pretty fair to me, and you said you liked the Beige 3 the best? I’m usually very pale, but I have a little tan right now. Thanks for the review. I will definitely be ordering that blush!

    • Hi Jenni,

      I have never actually used MAC before, so I am not sure what color I would be in it. I usually like colors a shade or 2 darker, just to give my fair skin more color (and I make sure to blend it down into my neck). I can tell you the shade I always used in CoverGirl prior to using natural products, was Creamy Natural. Hopefully that helps. If you’re still unsure, you can try Alima Pures sample kit, and you will be able to try their shades out like I did. (:

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