Nail decals – affordable mani

“Hey sailor, I mustache you a question…” Yup, thats the cornball line that came to mind when I saw these fab mustache, and anchor nail decals, and I thought I’d start out my post with it! You have to have a little fun sometimes, and that goes with fashion and your nails too.

I found these great decals while searching on ebay, from *Nail*Creations*By*Me*, and Im so glad I did. They’re so fun, and easy to do yourself. They come in a variety of colors, designs, and even smaller sizes for children (or for those adults with smaller nails, or that want a smaller decal/design). She also makes custom designs by request. You could have your dog, child, or favorite celebrity adorn your nails, and at a much cheaper price then you pay to have a manicure. You can even get french tips in fun designs like black lace, leopard, and even mossy oak camo! (My dad would love if I used those! haha)

She recommends using a light or clear nail polish, soaking the decals for 5-10 seconds in warm water, and using a clear top coat for best results. I used bright colored nail polishes for my test. I figured, since the decals were darker in color, that they would show up, and thankfully, it worked! I loved the mustache decals on this blue shade (China Glaze: For Audrey) and want to try them on pink nails next. The Anchors are meant for your big toes only, as they’re a bit large, and I liked it that way. A decal on every toe may look a bit over done. These were so easy to do yourself. Just make sure you trim as close to the design as possible. I used mustache scissors for this, as they’re small, and easier to handle with such a tiny decal. Also, you may want to try holding onto them with tweezers while you hold them in the warm water. After about 5 seconds, they slide off the paper backing with ease. Place them how you like on each nail, pat down lightly with a paper towel, and follow with your favorite top coat. I used RUSH high speed top coat. I found they looked best with a high gloss shine, and 2 coats.


*note: these decals are no longer available from this seller. You can find similar nail decals HERE


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