Cascadian Farms – O…so good.

Click here to check out more of Cascadian Farms cereals!

When I saw these cereals, I just had to try them. They were on sale, and I couldn’t resist. Eating organic can get expensive, so when you see a great deal, don’t pass it up! I’m glad I didn’t with these, because they ended up being delicious. One of my new favorite cereals. The Fruitful O’s taste a bit like Fruit Loops, but without that sugar coated sweetness, which I liked a lot better. I think kids would still love this cereal, its definitely sweet enough, and full of flavor. As are the Chocolate O’s which had just the right amount of cocoa flavoring, and were also not too sweet. You can tell Cascadian Farm has mastered making organic cereals that taste great, while being full of nutrition to get your morning started right.

The story about Cascadian Farm is fun to read, knowing its an actual farm, and not just a made up name or place, is nice to know. It’s a 28-acre farm in Rockport, Washington that started over 40 years ago. They grow berries, kiwis, and even pumpkins, and still have a roadside stand where you can stop by and get fresh, hand picked berries, or homemade ice cream! YUM! If we ever take a trip to Washington, I definitely want to go here. Sounds like my kind of place. I love small, organic farms that offer fresh produce and homemade goodies.

You can find these cereals, and other Cascadian Farm products in your local supermarket or natural foods store. Priced around $6 (or, perhaps less when you find a great sale!)


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