Pocket Socket – Electric On The Go

Ok, so I missed Father’s Day. But if your old man has a birthday coming up and likes camping or the outdoors, the K-Tor Pocket Socket could be the gift you’re looking for.

This plastic device allows you to make electricity with your bare hands, like some sort of Greek God. But don’t expect to power your entire home with a few cranks. This small portable device is designed to power up things like cell phones in emergency sitations.

While the Pocket Socket is meant to be simple and easy to use, it can also be a little difficult. To charge your devices you need to crank the handle at least two times per second. In order charge up a device long enough to use it, you have to crank it for at least a minute. That can get pretty tiresome. But if you need to make an emergency call, that one minute is worth it.

The Pocket Socket does not crank out much power. It is rated at 10 Watts at 120 Volts. That’s enough to power up smaller electronics like cell phones, flash lights, e-readers and other portable devices. But if you try using it to power something like a lamp in your house, you may be left in the dark. But that’s not what it’s designed for. I think the Pocket Socket is perfect for the trunk of your car or in with your camping or hiking supplies. This way if you ever break down or your cell phone dies you have a way to charge it up just enough to make a call for help.

One thing I would have liked to see done differently, would be the inclusion of a built in battery. This way, the cranking does not only charge up your device, but it’s internal battery which will also be used for power. But that battery could mean a higher price tag, preventing some people to want to buy one. Maybe we will see a later generation of the Pocket Socket with one? Who knows.

DVD Extras:

K-Tor is getting ready to release the Pocket Socket’s older brother. It’s called the Power Box.It’s pedal powered and is capable of charging up 20Watt devices like smaller netbooks and other devices. Keep an eye out for my review on that in the future. Let’s hope K-tor will mail me one like they did with this.


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