Newman’s Own Organics – Cookies!

The little lady doesn’t call me ‘Cookie Monster’ for nothing. While I think it’s important to be healthy, I have a quite the sweet tooth when it comes to snacks like cookies, brownies, and everything in between.

When it comes to Newman’s Own Organicsline of cookies my love for snacks remains the same. This week I tried a few different varieties of Newman’s Own Organic Cookies: Chocolate Chip and Orange Chocolate Chip Family Recipe Cookies as well as the Cinnamon Graham Cookies.

Remember Teddy Grahams as a Kid? Well the Newman’s Own Organics Alphabet Cookies are the bears’ older brother. In addition to coming in Cinnamon Graham, they also come in Vanilla and Chocolate. I loved the Cinnamon Graham Flavor and would love to try the other Flavors in the Future.

When it comes to the Family Recipe Cookies, there are several varieties including four types with chocolate chip cookies. However, I guess you can consider my old school when it comes to the types of cookies I like. While I really liked the traditional Chocolate Chip Cookies, I was not a fan of the Orange Chocolate Chip variety. But the misses enjoyed them, so I guess it’s just an acquired taste. I was such a big fan of the Chocolate Chip Cookies, I actually had about a 1/3 of the bag for breakfast one day.

While these cookies are made with organic ingredients, you cannot tell. When I think of Organic food I typically think its better for you. While there are less chemicals and additives that you see in other snacks you buy at the store, surprisingly the nutritional facts are quite similar. I compared a serving size of Newman’s Own Organics Chocolate Chip Cookies to Chips Ahoy Cookies. The only big differences I saw were about 20 calories and a gram of Trans Fat. Both in favor of Newman’s Own Organic. So if you are looking for an organic alternative to some of your favorite snack cookies, you may want to check your local store for Newman’s Own Organic Snack.

Stay tuned to We Used That as we review more Newman’s Own Organics products. In addition to our reviews, we will also be giving away some Newman’s Own Organic products to have delivered right to your door step.

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