Newman’s Own Organics- Dried fruits

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How often do you reach for a snack, and end up regretting it later? They’re usually full of unhealthy fats, loaded with sodium and sugar, and of course, tons of preservatives we usually can’t even pronounce. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative for you, or your kids, then you should try these organic dried fruits from Newman’s Own Organics. They’re naturally sweet, with no added sugars, or sulfites like most dried fruits. The only ingredient you will find on this label, is the actual fruit itself. That is such a great thing to see, not to mention taste! The Apricots were a fave with my niece, who ate half the bag in a sitting. She is usually a fruit snack fan, which I’m not a fan of since there is so much sugar, but with these, she did not seem to miss it. I will have to make sure we get her more of Newman’s Own Organics dried fruits in the future, and they have plenty of delicious choices to choose from, such as:¬†Raisins, Cranberries, Pitted Prunes, Apples, Apricots and a Berry Blend. Yum! The Raisins and Apricots are the only two we have tried so far, but we will definitely be getting more of these soon.

Another great thing about Newman’s Own Organics is that they commit to certified organic practices, and each purchase helps to support that effort. I think we all need to help companies such as this succeed, so we can have a healthier world. Oh, and they include a fun joke on the back of each package. Whats not to like about that?!

You can find them at your local natural food stores, or order them by the 6 or 12 pack HERE.

*Keep your eye on our blog (follow us, and like us on facebook) for info coming soon on a Newman’s Own Organics giveaway! You can win some of our favorite products from them within the next few weeks.


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