Chapfix – The Chapstick Alternative for Men

I picked up Chapfix while in the check out aisle at Walmart a few months back. After neglecting it for a while, I picked it up off my desk, lathered some on my lips and thought, “man I want to eat this.”

The first thing you will notice about Chapfix is its shape. Unlike typical lip balms, it is not a round tube. Instead it is flat. According to the company’s website, the flat design was used so it will not slide off your table or desk or create a bulge in your pocket. While I agree with both of those things, the flat design made it a little difficult to get used to applying to my lips. Do I keep the stick parallel with my lips or perpendicular? I feel like I need an instructional video. But after putting it on a few times, I think I’ve got the hang of it.

Chapfix tastes and smells amazing, So not only will you like it, the girl you’re kissing will enjoy the minty blast she gets too. As an added bonus, Chapfix also protects your lips. It’s got SPF 15, to prevent your lips from getting burned.

You can tell Chapfix was designed specifically with men in mind. And it shows. The sleek design reminds me of something I’d use while snowboarding or something. Like the slogan says, stop using your girlfriend’s lip balm. You can get more information about Chapfix from their website, or pick one up at your local Walmart.

DVD Extras:

As stated above, I had some trouble figuring out how to apply Chapfix to my lips. This is where the little lady would make fun of the way I looked while trying to apply. I make a horrendous duck face, sticking out my lips as I try to apply. But apparently, I make this face when applying any kind of lip balm. (sorry kids, no pictures to prove it)

After applying Chapfix, I immediately begin licking my lips, because it tastes that good. That’s when the misses yells at me. Says I’m like a child. Pshh.


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