TruKid Sunny Days

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I find myself trying to find more all natural products now then ever before, and a big reason of that is because most products we are putting on our skin is full of chemicals. It’s toxic for our bodies. That makes me concerned not only for myself, but for kids that are using these products as well. I have a 10 year old niece, Mikaila, who has Angelman syndrome, and I really don’t like her putting lotions or sprays on that can cause a reaction to her sensitive skin, or something she will stick in her mouth (as her fingers are always there!) which can also make her sick. When I found out about this company, and all of their natural products for kids, I knew I just had to try it with my niece, and Im so glad I did! Not only did I love it, but she did as well. She helped to put it on, and even put some on Dave as well. She kept sniffing it, because it smells so good! It has a soft citrus scent, and it makes your skin so soft! I even rubbed this into my knees, and they were so smooth afterwards! So, I guess its not just for kids, because I now love it too.

TruKid makes it easy for children to identify their products, and want to use them! They use brightly colored bottles, and add fun words that most children use in everyday vocabulary, like silly, funny, happy, & cool. They also have pictures on each product to let them know what part of the body it is for. TruKid even has a TruBaby line, and TruVillage for adults as well. Its great to have all natural sun products (as well as hair, hand, and body washes and lotions) that kids not only want to use, but its safe for them as well. I recommend trying out these products this summer, especially if you have little ones with special needs, or sensitive skin. I can definitely say that Mikaila enjoyed using this. I haven’t seen her that excited to put a sunscreen on in some time. She usually wont sit still for it very long, but I think the bright colors, great scent, and being able to “help” really made her interested. It also stayed on for hours without rubbing, or sweating off. Thanks TruKid for making a great, and safe product. We hope to try other products in the future.

Products range from $1.95, for a sample size face stick, up to $81.00 for their family size bottles. If you order now, you can get a FREE Happy Face, &  a body lotion with any $30 order! Just use coupon code: happymom

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