Battle of The Sexes – Red’s All Natural Burritos & Quesadillas

Battle of the Sexes Reviews feature a write up from both sides. We’ll put together BotS reviews every once in a while when we both try out products together. Will we agree or disagree? There is only one way to find out.
So, for dinner last night we tried Red’s All Natural Burritos and Quesadillas. There are four varieties of each kind. For Burritos you have Bean and Rice, Turkey Mole, Chicken, and Steak. For Quesadillas there are Bean and Cheese, Pulled Pork, Buffalo Style Chicken, and Steak. We both have similar taste, so we picked out the chicken burrito and quesadilla.

She says:
They smell at bit like sloppy joes for some reason. At least, they did right out of the oven, but that smell went away pretty quickly. There was no lack of filling in these bad boys, and that is what any burrito or quesadilla lover is looking for! Well, that and an amazing taste. I’d have to say these were pretty damn good, and filling too. The Buffalo Chicken quesadillas didn’t taste enough like traditional buffalo chicken flavor to me tho, so that was slightly disappointing, but it didn’t stop me from scarfing it down. I like that I can eat something that tastes this good, and its not that bad for you. Compared to most Burrito companies these are fairly healthy. They have lower sodium then most, plus a higher amount of protein. They dont use Preservatives, and their meat is antibiotic and hormone free. They’re also packed full of veggies, and only use brown rice. It’s amazing to be able to say you ate an 11oz burrito, and feel good about it.Thanks Red’s. I can’t wait to try the pulled pork quesadillas next!
He says:
We each got one quesadilla and a half a burrito. That equalled out to about 500 calories each. And you got a lot of food. When it comes to what I liked better, I am leaning toward the buffalo chicken quesadilla. Most likely because I am a buffalo chicken fan, but also because it had more flavor.
For each bite of my quesadilla, I got a bite of cheese, corn, rice and everything else… but I could have used a little more chicken. While there were some big chunks in there, I would have liked a few more. But overall, I thought my quesadilla had a great taste, and I would definitely try again, as well as give some of the other flavors a try.
The burritos are big. There aren’t like any other burrito you’d find in the freezer aisle. And that is something I like. While still good, the chicken burrito did not have as much flavor as the buffalo chicken quesadilla, but it was jam packed with beans, rice, and I would say even more chicken. I would try it again, but next time I don’t think I’d eat a quesadilla before it.

You can pick them up in your local supermarket, or find out more about Red’s here:

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